1. Mkilbride

    Penumbra collection 5.99$(Gamers Gate) Pretty good deal. This game is one of the few true horror games out there. It's not like F.E.A.R which uses shock value or just insane amounts of gore, it crawls into your mind, puts you in the atmosphere, and what the **** are these...
  2. J

    Final Gate wallpaper

    hey I made this wallpaper, I don't think its done yet, and I do want to improve some stuff.. But before I do, I want some crits. bad crits, good crits, everything goes :) the more oppinions, the better.
  3. dudeman

    and yet another wp :D

    last one for tonight! i swear! this wp has one problem, adult content.. its not porn or hentai but just nudity..:rolleyes: o_o
  4. Ryoko

    Baldurs gate 2 *who's played it?*

    Anyone here played this fantastic rpg? If so, what characters did you gave and did you use any custom portraits or sounds? Heres my character (guess who :p) She's a paladin (like my lvl 30 paladin I created before this)
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