1. D


    I can't find use gamespy 3d to join games.. is it me or must the game be added?????;( ;(
  2. Cold Steel

    gamespy arcade

    Doe anyone knows how gamespy works with esf i can't figure it out.Also i never worked with gamespy before.Please help me cuz i am a retard!....
  3. E

    Smoothing Groups....

    I got bored today so i messed about in max and realised i never used smoothing groups properly, after learning a lil more about them, heres a lil model i made with smoothing groups
  4. I

    New model

    just some d00d...weak guy can power up to some ninja d00d..rofl ninja pics later
  5. I

    New model high poly and normal

    here the links..hope you like still not done
  6. Virtigo Seven

    Gundam models anyone?

    Can anyone make a good Gundam model?
  7. S

    Masa Mune Model For all Yall Crono Trigger lovers

    Hey its me again the models is the masa mune of crono trigger for a mod Q3C The ref pic
  8. Gasaraki

    ESF gamespy support

    Will this game once it hits version 3.xx have gamespy tabs? Just a crazy question...