1. M

    Gamespy's Game of the Year 2007

    PC: Source: PSP: Source: Nintendo DS Source: Gameboy Advance: Source: Xbox360: Source...
  2. M

    GameSpy's Game of the Year 2006

    This is a long list, but I broken it up between which system these games were on. PC PlayStation 2 Xbox GameCube GameBoy Advanced Nintendo DS Playstation Portable Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii Multiplayer Gamer's Choice Overall Source:
  3. NinJa HunteR

    Gamespy's Half-Life 2 Release Date Prediction

    Here is it: "To be honest, we're not really sure when Valve's baby will arrive, but there's no question that Half-Life 2 is THE most highly anticipated PC game of the season." "Our Prediction: Our insiders say it's even better than the original; we're hoping for early November." Link...
  4. Element4q2

    Nuzzy base - New Vegeta

    I've decided to make a new vegeta using nuttzy's base model. It was gonna be a goku model but i decided against it. Anyway heres the first skin i did. (was gonna be goku or something) And heres the Vegeta model WIP * The skin is far from done Cred: Nuzzy for the base model
  5. T


  6. Eclipse

    Vash the Stampede

    first and formost THIS IS NOT FOR ESF! this is for my portfolio and practice I'm posting this here fore some good honest crits. I know i rarely post here but I still would liek some crits. The model sia WIP and I'll try and keep you updated, my polylimit i set for myself is 2500. i hope i can...
  7. God Gundam

    BD Goku

    for those that care- this one i took more time to make than tha gt goku. see the difference in time and care of the 2
  8. GoldSaiyan

    Gamespy arcade

    Yuch..... I hate the Gamespy arcade crap, for almost every 3D shootemup game, you need to install this crap. And they've ruined a great community (MPlayer) What's next, we got to pay for the games or files that we download at their servers because they think they are a 1337 group that...
  9. S


    Im a subscriber for Gamespy, i pay 20 bucks a year for it. You all know it right, the program that lets you find servers for all game really easy. Can you contact Gamespy for support for ESF? Because the built-in server program in Half-Life is total chit. Download it free at...
  10. Mr. Satans

    Gamespy Top 10 Underplayed Mods

    Gamespy recently made a top 10 list of underplayed HL mods. I recommend all CS freaks take a look and see that CS is not the best out there.
  11. Ultra33Gokussj3

    NeD s Vegetto?

    Can anyone tell me where can i find NED s Vegetto Model?
  12. G

    NeD's vegitto

    Yes, here's the Vegitto I've been practising my skills on :P .
  13. S


    How do i add an esf server list in gamespy 3d?
  14. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  15. V3g3t@


    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self
  16. SA_Gohan

    Mirai Trunks

    Hello all. Just something I've done recently. Future trunks for dbu (jk2 version) crits and comments are welcome average polycount is 2066
  17. Jonesdaniel

    Gamespy Arcade

    Is it possible to play esf through gamespy arcade or any other programme like this? (e.g. The all seeing eye) thanks for any replys in advance :D
  18. N

    ESF Beta 1.0 and Gamespy => crash

    Hi ! sorry for my english but im french...... my problem is using gamespy with ESF : with other mods, no pb i can play thought gamespy but with ESF the connection with the server begin (in the console) , i have the autentification WON and after it crash and i come back onto windows :( :(...
  19. SSJ_ReNe


    Hi there everyone, i know that there may have been threads posted already about skinning tutorials, but i need to get my hands on some of them, as many as possible. Because i want to bring my drawing talent into the skinning ^_^ So if any of you have links to good skinning tutorials please...
  20. B

    custom maps/ gamespy

    hello everyone i just wanted to know if anyone has made any custom maps for esf i also wanted to know how i could play esf through gamespy thanks
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