1. Mkilbride

    PC Gamers, get Ready to Die...Dark Souls PC! Wow. An online poll worked. I think that's an internet first! A ONLINE POLL worked! I can't wait! This is going to rock! Petition that got Namco interested:
  2. seb

    l33t esf gamers?

    need gear :cool: ~link removed~
  3. Mkilbride

    Microsoft says there is no PC FPS gamers. Ok. Counter-Strike & CS:S Day of Defeat: Source Modern Warfail 2 Borderlands Team Fortress 2 And oh so many more I can't list them all...Microsoft has no pulse on the gaming community. I guess if we're not...
  4. Synth

    Gamers vs Robbers... "You ain't takin' my DS Lite! RAAAAGH!!!" This is why I play video games.
  5. -Origin

    Great month for gamers everywhere.

    We're being spoiled rotten :p So many great games out in the last few weeks and so many good ones coming out in the weeks to come. Look at those scores, lol.
  6. M

    Nintendo's women gamers could transform market

    Japanese women have overtaken their male counterparts to become the biggest users of Nintendo's Wii and DS machines in a seismic shift that the company said would ''transform the video games industry''. If the change repeats itself around the globe, said analysts, it could force a complete...
  7. M

    Developers Taking Advantage of Gamers?

  8. M

    Ps3 gamers day

    Lots of videos of this event. Marvel ultimate alliance Resistance Stranglehold Full auto 2...
  9. B

    Why does society label video gamers as nerds?

    O_o since when was having a hobby make u a nerd anyway ?
  10. T

    Gift of CNX clan TO ESF team and ESF gamers

    by the end of this week we wil host about +/- 10 ESF public servers for 2 weeks as our thnx to the ESF STAFF for this nice game in adition to this we are willing to help ESF team out with the release of 1.3 meaning => hosting ESF1.3 client on our root server ( if they are interested of...
  11. C

    A gamers net connection should be........

    Hey, I have jetstarter (DSL), but its only good in my country, so what do you "hard core gamers" use :]
  12. C

    Gamers Corner///Need for Speed Underground

    Need for speed underground is a great game. You can get the crappiest car and turn it into the "pimp mobile". Need for speed is a greatly customizable game. You can do anything from changing the paint job on your ride to getting a louder muffler. This game is all about how good your car looks...
  13. A

    Aus Gamers!!

    hey i just got this mod an i live in australia i was just wondering if there were any other people in syd who played this coz i feel so lonely in the maps shooting at walls an stuff.. gimme some competition!!
  14. T

    glitchy models

    dont get me wrong.. i like mostly every part of the version 2 models except the fact that they appear glitchy.. you can c thru weird places in them.. although i problay shuddent complain i cant do any better what does every1 else think, r they soething to worry about or just me bein dumb
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