1. Cheeseman

    Ginyu? Nappa?

    call me old Fashioned, but i reckon we need a Nappa skin and model at the very least. The d00d was st00pid, but jeez he was awesome also. While on the topic of a wish list... How bout Ginyu, Jeice, and a decent Raditz? just thinkin out loud folks.. comment if ya want... or not :devsmile:
  2. V

    The Future of ESF

    post your comments here!
  3. fatmanterror

    New and improved Future SSJ Trunks

    hey everybody, i made the trunks with sleeves as promised, yes i know he lacks the C on his shoulder but thats because when i added it, it appeared on both shoulders, so im not gonna add that yet. But also for the people who already had it, i fixed the annoying gaps in it. here r the new pics...
  4. fatmanterror

    Future SSJ Trunks model right here

    i know this should go in the model section but more people will see it here, i was bored last night so i decided to make the trunks model from esf with short hair, and ssj, i did this by importing the head from the dmz ssj trunks but i didnt really like the skin so i edited that, right now its...
  5. fatmanterror

    SSJ Future Trunks(short hair kind)

    hey i was bored last night so i edited the trunks from ESF and the SSJ trunks from DMZ and came up with this, its kinda crude right now, has some rough ends but by the time anybody reads this ill probly have the skin alot better (better face, sleeves) SSJ Trunks just to let all know...
  6. greentaco

    A little bit 'o art...

    Here are some images I made a while ago when I was bored. Crit or anything would be cool. Prospecting Future: Stand Out: -Peace- Noah