1. Nuttzy

    truck keeps blowing fuses, auto savvy people come hither.

    First off i do realize that a DBZ based pc game message board is not the target audience for this subject, but who knows. Im not the only old fart here (26) so perhaps theres hope for someone having an answer. I have a 90 model GMC sierra, ran great for the first few weeks. But I noticed one...
  2. P

    RCON Command listing

    HALFLIFE RCON GUIDE A full list of rcon commands can be found below: Command/Variable Name Arguments/Default Description +showscores: show pings and scores for all players on the server addip: adds an ip the server filterban list (0 minutes = permanent) banid: [kick] ban player with id...
  3. P

    Piccolo's transformation

    Aight, I guess this might have already been mentioned, but I'm going to say this anyway. You know the weighted training clothes that he wears, right? You know that he permafuses with Kami to become a Super Namek, right? Well, I'm thinking that while he is in normal mode he should be wearing...
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