1. Eon


    Happy birthday kurt, you assface.
  2. D

    the friggin scattershot

    are you guys planning on fixing scattershot or already have? cause its ridiculous here you have the most useful attack in the game and yet we cant use it because 85% of the balls keep blowing up in your face? btw im not sure if this goes in bugs or here, but barely anyone pays attention to...
  3. L

    FcX Is Friggin BORED

    Im Not At My Home PC Right Now, Im At A Friends, So Since He Doesnt Have Photoshop, OR Milkshape3d, Or Anythin Thats Kinda Fun Other Then Doom3 Wich Is Boring, So I Just Drew Somthing In Paint lol
  4. A

    D12!!! Just got back from their concert! FRIGGIN AWSOME

    Woo! .. They came to toronto tonight and they were ****in awsome. Along with them was Slum Village and a few others im to lazy to name off.. does anyone here love d12 as much as i do :talk:
  5. Amayirot Akago

    DBs are too friggin' big

    The dragonballs are too big. The Earth kind were only about as big as a tennisball; yet in ESF they're as big as the Namek ones. You should be able to hold a dragonball in one hand and use the other to shoot beams (only generic beams and ki blasts while carrying the dragonball)
  6. Cold Steel

    Friggin explosions.

    Ok i am on a low end comp, so i'm prolly asking for it, to crash. Here goes, when an explosions is big, it sometimes get's even bigger then the map you're playing in, without damaging you, it's bug, it mostly happens after a long power struggle, but after the explosions gets so big you can;t...
  7. S

    my 3rd model but first serius one

    well i have already made 2 models but never finished them and they werent that good either so ill try again tho its 5 months since my last attempt heres my super buu the start of it at least and it will take alot of time to complete since i only have about 15 minuttes a day for it. is it...
  8. K

    skinning question

    Is it possible to take a skin off a Bid For Power model and put it on a esf model without having to change anything on the model?
  9. X


    Hey ppl Im done my SSJ Goku Skin. Tell me what you think. I know I need to work on the legs and the arms but tell me what u ppl think anyway :yes: ;/ Link to a pic is:
  10. SaiyanElitez

    Friggin Freeza

    i have a conplaint to make about freeza..... his moves in alpha at least were horrible. the Deathball isn't charge din his hand its charged at the tip of his index finger as he raises it over his head. His Kienzan Energy disk really blows graphics wise. and it as well should be formed at his...
  11. T

    Trunks Model

    what do you people think of the new trunks model... personally thats my favorite style of trunks, mirai trunks in movie 9 style clothing good job with the model guys