1. $

    Freiza disc issue!!!!!!

    Eversince I installed the TM_NorthHighway map all freiza disc attacks are pine trees instead of discs can anyone help???????
  2. D

    Freiza's Rock Throw

    Hey folks... Freiza's rock throw cannot be partially charged. When I charge it up past the yellow line (but not fully charged), and release it, nothing happens. You get the animation and the sound effect as if something happened, but no rocks were thrown. Only towards the end of the charge to...
  3. B

    The Freiza Freeze

    This ability is used towards the end of DBZ episode 73 'Clash of the Super Powers' where freiza gets in close to goku and surrounds him with a ball of ki. While inside the ball goku cant move and Frezia explains that ball will explode if it touches anything but him. Frezia then proceeds to smack...
  4. hoot

    Does freiza play ball for the other team

    I want to know everyones opinion on whether or not they think frieza is a homosexual or not? In the series I mean
  5. G

    Freiza Form3 (edit of form2)

  6. §lipKnot

    i guess a new Freiza skin form 1 and 2 go here and i supose u can look at em i dont even think i will release them cuz all they are is recolors.. i need some thing to show me how to skin better if u think u can help thnxs.
  7. S

    Freiza's Attacks

    At the Moment i think Freiza is probly the most useless character in ESF because he has no decent attacks his transformation pl is too high because when eh does transform u probly end up dyign before u can even use his Death Ball and when uve died u lose pl to go to form 1 Freiza needs some...
  8. L

    Looking for the pr0's Freiza

    Hey Guys, ive been searching for The pros Freiza, could someone provide me a link or send it to me? EDIT-Yes I know this goes in Final Request, but the truth is, most stuff is ignored there and people go on with their conversations...
  9. C

    Freiza's Telekenisis

    Ok i was looking at the 1.2 outline and i saw this attack in progress for freiza????? If this is anything like Diablo 2's telekenisis then will freiza be able to be on the other side of the map choose his telekenisis attack and NUB you from 8 football fields away????!!!! Are you gonna recieve...
  10. X

    Freiza Finger

    Dunno if it was a coding or model.. so i posted it in here. well i noticed.. Freiza Finger/hand is a bit weird when making Deathball.. Hes finger is not pointing out. and his hand is like holding a freiza disc or something.. can you guys correct this so its correct for 1.2??
  11. sexyasian86

    Freiza Form 3

    here ya go credits SS_Vegeta for freiza form 2 TO PRO DON'T SPAM AND FLAME IN MY THREAD DON'T EVEN POST IN HERE. and i've already talked to a mod about this, DONT POST YOUR "WORK" in my thread. ok? thankz pro if u listen. :) Edit* I Finished the model ^_^ it'll be on redsaiyan soon...
  12. Shinkawa

    Freiza needs more first form attacks

    Well I am saying this because freiza is completely useless at first form unless you always use Freiza disc. He can't really do much until he gets his other attacks. (PS ATM i have forgotten if he has a weak beam attack slot3 ?)
  13. U

    Melee attack for Freiza

    like trunks have his sword i thínk that freiza should have a stronger melee attack as well.. because when he fights he often uses his tale.. and its kinda powerfull and fast.. just a suggestion;)
  14. Logan4434


    does anyone know where to get bfp(bid for power) models?i went to one once but i dont know where anymore :cry:
  15. M


    :rolleyes: originally created by: AzN edits by: th3 pr0
  16. I

    Freiza idea

    This is a new way of power strugleing for freiza, im sure most of you have seen the episode 85 gohan returns? well freiza dosent use a beam he uses his body powered up at 100% to ps with gokus kamehameha. It would work pritty mouch like a block struggle but u push energy into and u go towards...
  17. S

    Freiza saga goku?

    hi there i have a request for u modelers out there ive downloaded the bd ssj3 goku that dakd made and now to the request. the normal bd goku form in that model that came from soccer,s ussj pack cant someone of u guys do a ssj version of that model like the battle with frieza on namek? p.s i...
  18. S

    freiza for skinning

    any one want to skin my freeza? its the form four frieza. please don't be to hard on me im new at this. credits to me and bfp model nad orig frieza
  19. S

    Freiza saga goku

    Hi just one question the ussj bd goku not ussj just normal version that soccer did cant somebody do a ssj version to him bd damaged like in the battle with freiza?
  20. S

    how do i compile file

    im making a ssj3 vegeta and a form four freiza but i don't know how to compile the file back into a .mdl can someone help me? thanx