1. J-Dude

    The Forgotten Half Life Game?

    I think it's a safe thing to say that Valve has a track record for making the best games ever brought to the PC, or if you don't agree with that, then at least the best examples and best use of the First Person Shooter in gaming as a whole. I myself am a stone's throw away from absolute...
  2. Desmond Tiny

    [Fan Fiction]The Forgotten Soul

    This is a true story, need I say more? C&C please, be as harsh as you can be for a english 15 year old as this is my second best work The Forgotten soul When time, destiny and life were made, every soul had a set path, a destiny to follow or a job to do. Somehow one soul was left out and...
  3. PiXel

    Kingdom Hearts: Forgotten Soul of Key ( Wallpimps)

    Yeah, My newest Wallpimps! I dont think that many of you will like them like : "they´re great", Or anyhow in this way. But lemme kno what ya thinkin about those wallpimps :] ( @ "X": I dont want to work without stocks :p its boring)
  4. OubliezJe

    My Forgotten MeltDown Abstract inverted.

    C&C are welcome i know the black through it off, but it was never meant to be inverted. but anyways.
  5. OubliezJe

    Forgotten Meltdown Abstract

    This is my latest PhotoShop. Nothing much just a abstract wallapaper. I still ahve a few things to complete on it, but your critz so far?
  6. X

    Some may have forgotten

    Everybody here is forgotten you lay at the bottom you can't do nothing but you know theres something Digging a hole so deep into my heart so i can bleed tears falling from the sky while you watch me die now i'm hated everywhere my body lays here now its just there listen and hear...
  7. Hexus

    (ANYONE READ) Forgotten user name for steam

    *topic* can some one go through the members list of steam and find somthing like : tombee or tombee13 or tombee_13 or hexus.......or somthing to do with hexus, its been a while since ive logged into steam, only bout a month...ish.... any help would be appreciated :) :)
  8. S

    BOUT THAT CLOSED fusion skin thiny

    hey i like that fuison thing and that double kamehameha i wanna no where we can DL it
  9. GundamSeph

    Hmm, have i been forgotten?

    I was just poking around when i was just wondering if anyone here still remembered me (gotta be a few of you ;/ ). Just curious :smile: (omg i forgot about that smily, i loved that smily)
  10. Mr. Satans

    Fun / Forgotten Mods

    Before Counter "Crap" - Strike became extremely popular, people played many many different mods. It was a great time *sigh* I played CS for a few versions (v1.7b - v1.4) it was fun but its just lame now, it gets worse every version. But anyways, I am just trying to get people into other mods...
  11. S

    Compile model

    How do i compile my model
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