1. D

    Kickstarter for ESF

    I couldn't find any suggestion on the forums for a Kickstarter, so I couldn't find any reason it should'nt have been made years ago! I know that ESF needs modelers, but they'd probably have an easier time finding some if they could throw some dough their way. Plus, it'll also get hype for the...
  2. Sting

    Earth's Special Forces Tournament (ESFL)

    Well its time for another tournament for ESF 1.2.3. Since the tournament from Shadi and Miro came to a end with out a single fight it is time to start a new tournament. This tournament is a TFP (Tournament For Players) what means everyone can sign up and you dont need a team. In the future we...
  3. ewl - Earth's Special Forces Lithuanian community

    Hi, servers: # ECX + AF Arena [24/7] - , # DUEL Arena [24/7] - , Skype: | E-mail:
  4. V

    Earth special forces 1.3 beta is it compatible with rc2 and big pack 8.4?

    can i use it with these 2 mods? (if not are there some mods for it?) is it stable? thanks for your answers.
  5. ESForever

    Earth's Special Forces Alpha2.0 Fatal Error

    This version.
  6. Kosherdog

    Minion special forces?

    Hey I was looking through old emails, and I found this one from the ESF team back in 2006: "Dear current/former ESF member, As you may know ESF 1.3 was never going to be released. A number of factors have contributed to the demise of development (social lives, college/university...
  7. Shadi

    Earth's Special Forces tournament, 2011!

    So here we are once more, an all fresh start for a new intense melee-battle! That's right we are going for one more tournament... but that's IF we get enough people.. So we need all your lazy asses to sign up, once we've gathered enough people we will move on to next step...
  8. G

    Hi,im new to Earth's Special Forces.

    I play ZEQ2 but i heard about this game for PC,now i know i have to have half life to play this,but is there a way to play with just,like a stand alone version of the game i reallly want to try out this game,it looks fun
  9. S

    Earth Special Forces Problem "Half life mod" Bitte schnelle hilfe :(

    Hi alle da ich in diesem Forum neu bin wusste ich nicht genau wo ich das zuordnen soll also um genau zu sein wo ich das Thema öffnen soll Earth Special Forces = Half Life MOD Beim verbinden des Server wo er anfängt dateien zu downloaden flieg ich aus dem Server mit der Problems Meldung half...
  10. T

    Earth's Special Forces Final Xmas Teaser

    ' Hi, I'm new here, and I wonder when will launch the Earth's Special Forces Final Teaser Xmas, because I saw some videos and I liked a lot, if anyone knows when it will launch please comment. Thanks ---------- Double Post below was added at 01:39 PM has been merged with this post created...
  11. Sting

    ESFL (Earth Special Forces League)

    Hi everyone, Well I have been thinking how can I support ESF Community a bit more. There for I was thinking to make an official ESF League. I contacted 1 of the ESF team to ask for there support and if he liked the idea. I got a possitive mail back from him and he like the idea. So I had...
  12. Z

    Earth's Special Forces: ECX Big Pack v8.4

    How do I install Earth's Special Forces: ECX Big Pack v8.4? Thank you
  13. DaFeLa

    earth special forces open beta not final help!?

    ok i wantetd to ask you guys where i can get earth special forces 1.3 open beta nt the new open beta final i mean the version before open beta final just esf 1.3 open beta because i heard that i has good grafiks and the most playable version here here is a video about it...
  14. DaFeLa

    earth special forces 1.3 open beta(final) help me please

    ok i have 3 problems the bots doesnt work how can i transform i didnt chang any settings and how to unlock new or more characters like bardock vegetto or something great thx for all developers that can help me and all members to P.S zeq2 and esf are the greatest dragonball...
  15. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  16. ciarkol

    [Old PotW] PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building

    <a href="" title="PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="PotW: Goku got...
  17. A

    Earth's Special Forces v1.2.3 or Earth's Special Forces : Open Beta Final! ??

    please wich of the versions i must download? wich is more played? i have do download HL1 in steam and the ESF from the site? more some patch? thx a lot for any help guys. cheers from brazil
  18. Damaera

    Goodbye, Earth's Special Forces community.

    I'm going to bed, see you all in the morning!
  19. Damaera

    Earth's Special Forces Alpha 2.0

    Remember those good ol' days? With the beam whores? Big Bang whores? Final Flash whores? Disc whores? Miss calling them those names? Now's your chance to start doing that again. I am working on an ESF Alpha 2.0 on Steam version. It will be released soon, but I am going to need a host. If anyone...
  20. The Deco

    Comic super heroes vs The earth special forces (characters, not game)

    Who would you think will have the best chance of a overall win as a tag team fight, comics super heroes or the ESF? lets call the Comics Super Heroes CSH, ok? From the CSH: who will have the best chance against someone from the ESF? From the ESF: who will have the best chance against...