1. Mkilbride

    Black Mesa GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE - RELEASE COMING SOON! Great googly moogley! I can't wait.
  2. Deverz

    Amazing footage of a "Brinicle"

    New footage has appeared of something called a Brinicle. What is a Brinicle you may ask well see for yourself. BBC Article Footage is Low Quality Discovery Channel Article Higher Quality Footage but region blocked :( TL:DR? See below
  3. V

    Any 1.3 gameplay footage?

    It's been a long time since the beta test started right? I don't know the other but I would love to see some videos. Is there any videos out there ?
  4. Barney

    Gears of War 2 gameplay footage

    First footage of GoW2. I know it's not a well-liked game around these parts, but I enjoyed the game and can't wait for this one. Plus it looks like they've upgraded some things. Using bodies as shields and having chainsaw battles ftw!!!
  5. Phobius

    Street Fighter IV GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE! This looks hot and I'm glad their sticking to mostly 2d with a bit of 3rd cause thats what street fighter needs to stay as in my opinion. Also Yoshinori Ono talks about people online not having to worry about new players fighting the expert players...
  6. Optimus Prime

    GTA 4 second trailer to include gameplay footage!

    I think this is the one we've really been waiting for, June 28th, 12:00pm EDT.
  7. Optimus Prime

    First GH3 Footage Hits the Net!

    Weezer - My Name is Jonas and Foghat - Slow Ride. Too bad the guy playing is horrible.
  8. sub

    HL2: EP2, Portal and TF2 gameplay footage released
  9. Ness

    New Zelda Footage

    The remake of Ocarina Of Time is looking nice, and Nintendo have released more footage of the game. New features, and old features have been added to the game, and the new features have made a big difference to what was a classic of a game. bomb arrows have made their return, weather plays a...
  10. Hash

    First Footage Of New Revamped Resident Evil 4

    All you gamecube owners can officially start braggin now. This game looks so awesome I'm having orgasms just thinking about it. I'm sure lots of you already know about it and there slightly new take to the series (it's about time they did something to). I'm glad there finally changing the...