1. T

    for any1 with fmod.dll problems

    try this put in your main folder. else try your esf folder. if that doesn't work then i dunno what should do good
  2. T


    Its saying i have an out of date fmod.dll file, how do i update it?
  3. F

    I changed the fmod.dll but...

    It still doesnt work i have beta 1 so i dunno if that effected anything if i did that and it was also suggested to me to change the opengl to d3d in the video folder or somethin but i dunno where that is any help with this or any other suggestions?
  4. Lt.Zack

    fmod.dll and the bots not working?

    ok I have a big problem when I try to add a bot I get Error: Your are using a outdated fmod.dll version! than--- Tracker Error: TrackerUl.dll invalid, not loading how can I fix this....!
  5. Ultraq

    fmod.dll error

    so ur trying to play alpha or beta? O_O esit: what the hell .. my reply came "above" your post?!?!?! :confused: :warning:
  6. M

    That stupid fmod.dll thing...

    it gonna be fix in the beta ??? if not u should fix it its giving alot of people a hassle and meto ;(
  7. T

    Problem with FMOD.dll

    I put the FMOD.dll in the in the C:/sierra/half-life/esforces/cl_dlls/ and theres a Client.dll in there....Now if i take the client.dll out of the folder and just have the FMOD.dll in it i can start making a game but it says Invalid DLL file... but if i put it back in it says that it cant...