1. Z

    FMA -automail - W.I.P.

    Hey everyone! Uhh i am back from a looooong break with a little model WIP. The model is Edward Elric Automail - from the Anime - Full metal alchemist! This is a High count poly model, just to show of.. ###### UPDATE ###### ####### UPDATE ######## Video of the new improved look...
  2. Grega

    FMA Manga (spoilers)

    Well with chapter 97 released recently i must say its getting intense.
  3. Grega

    FMA chapter 94 (possible spoilers)

    I just read through it and man. Mustang is pissed about beeing placed second XD Somehow i feel bad for envy ^^; Allthough i did have a nice laugh with the tank part :p
  4. Dokutayuu

    FMA Chapter 88 (spoilers)

    I've recently read the latest chapter and I say it's getting pretty interesting. Anyone else?
  5. Dokutayuu

    FMA comes back for a second series!

    Those who have "acquired" the latest FMA chapter/volume would have noticed that a second anime series is production. FMA is/was/will be? my favourite series of all, so this really is good for me. Anyone else eagerly awaiting? Will they follow the manga? Or continue the anime? Or something else...
  6. Deathshot

    Chibi FMA =D ( Dont be to harsh T_T)

    Yes, I know it needs alot of work. Tell me what ya think of it.^^
  7. samurai^Kurai

    fma theater wip

    was bored the last days, so there you go, made a map based on the last action in fma, it is done in hammer 4.0 [meaning if i release it it will be for hl2/dm] and still heavy wip, havent been working on textures either now c&c plz Fma theater blocked
  8. A

    FMA Sig

  9. M

    FMA sig!!

    FMA sig. reate 0/10 and C&C are allways welcome... later!!
  10. Deman

    FMA Sig request for teh Deman

    Hey y'all.. I just finished watching the FMA subs, and I figure "Hey, that Alex Louis Armstong guy is pretty cool." So I'm leaving it up to you, the forum user to make me a beautiful sig worthy of such an awesome character. My only preference is that it contains at least one picture of him...
  11. M

    FMA Music?

    ye.. :) Full Metal Alchemist, whats all the intros called? they simply all rock!! :) <3 if u know what they're called plz tell :)
  12. D

    le fma v2

    so a better fma sig, how goes it ;o
  13. D

    fma in j00r face?

    Yeah, FMA is in your grill, how you gonna act ;o still wip but eh we'll see how it goes
  14. CM

    Adult Swim hosts FMA!!!

    YES! THANK GOD! THANK GOD! at least we get to keep the ****ing gore!
  15. CM

    Wha...What!? FMA just got licensed and now a game?

    seems like the licensing of FMA isnt all bad for us.
  16. G


    Well.. as some of you know FullMetal Alchemist (FMA) got licanced and will not be fansubed by ANBU - Akeep anymore.. THis just SUCKS big time cuz fma was on my all time list of fav on #1.. And now its ripped away by something like ****ing FUNimations.. Anyway, i'm definitly getting the...
  17. Brim


    Well I just recently have viewed all of the FMA eps and I have to say that I am absoloutely in love with this Anime...I almost cried at ep 7...(I don't want to hear it Prozac) So I decided to make a thread asking who your favorite character in the series is? It's a tough decision for me...