1. Mkilbride

    Scientists have fixed that "breathing" problem
  2. st34lth

    Did you guys ever fixed how sometimes the beams just drops when fired?

    You know when you have a really large character like Godgundam's Brolly and you shoot a beam but it just drops to his knees and continue to shoot normally? This always bugged me. It also happens when your characters shoots very high or very low and the beam just drops to some part of the...
  3. vahn9

    server problem fixed?

    hey when you guys figure out how to get them to work. Can you post it here?im giving up I tired alot of things and nothing happend so if anyone makes a file that fixes it please let me know. thanks
  4. Damaera

    I am a God amongst men - Files page is now fixed.

    Files page is now fixed.
  5. G

    Avatars fixed!

    The problem with avatars only being uploaded in 256 colours have been fixed! If you are able to utilise a custom avatar, i reccomend re-uploading your pix. :D Enjoy.
  6. M

    Things You Want Added or Fixed

    Title explains it. What fixes or additions are you waiting for with any game? I'm waiting for VALVe to have gunfire illuminate the surrounding area that you are firing from.
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    External HD fixed, but can't get all my files back on it!

    Alright. I'm going to try and keep this as simple as I can. A while ago I defragged my big beastly 160gig External Maxtor HD; it was overdue and the scan suggested it, so I figured what the hell. Well. Turns out defragging a Maxtor External Hard Drive DESTROYS it, and Windows can no longer...
  8. F

    Just curious: Will the forum ever be fixed?

    I know that you all know it's been "broken" for some time now. But will it get fixed? My best guess is that's Greg's problem, and seeing as he's never around that it may not get fixed anytime soon. But it's just annoying when i try to say something, and put a ":)" at the end, it doesn't show...
  9. I


    I download this models and i want know if this models good? sry for my english :|
  10. Ultimate Trunks

    Top 10 Things that REALLY Need to be Fixed

    1) Bigger and better maps based on the T.V. show (like a large West city) 2) Better Models of characters some really look stupid like Gohan 3) More Combinations for melee attacks can barely do 1 combo 4) Able to put Dragonballs in every level 5) More beams for charactes 6) More...
  11. F

    Top 10 Things to be Fixed

    Things I think should be defiently fixed or tweaked in ESF: 1.) Sometimes when you're hit to the ground it takes too long to get back up and defend against the onslaught of giant beams comming at your body. 2.) Models such as Gohan look like strange blobs with hair. 3.) Fighting looks...
  12. S

    This needs to be said and fixed

    I have been on 2 servers now and every time there are people that are spectators but are somehow fighting all the other players and i believe that it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  13. Y

    Bot patch fixed a crash error on internet!!

    :yes: For all of you who get crashes, try downloading the new bot patch 2 guys told me it solved a couple of problems of crashes for them
  14. D

    will the bug of esf with the C-D ever be fixed?

    will the "colored models" bug of esf with cheating death ever be fixed?
  15. Mr. Satans

    [FIXED] ESF_CellArena_b2 & b3

    Alright, I finally made myself do it...I fixed the Max Viewable Distance problem with the ESF_CellArena maps. I could have done this a LONG time ago...but it never seemed worth my time, but whatever. IMPORTANT NOTE: These fixed maps will not register as "different versions" so people with...
  16. X

    Steam Keyboard Problem Fixed!

    Well it is not very hard to fix. It basically is that Steam doesn't understand what heading to put these things under (atleast thats what I think). Anyways, to fix it, just add these lines into your kb_acts in your gfx/shell (copy and paste if you will): "blank"...
  17. D

    Will the disc/shield bugs be fixed in 1.2

    I think that's more inportant than new mellee.
  18. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  19. MinesSkylineR34

    so bored, i made a wp

    how you like them apples? :D
  20. MSF

    Skybox error?

    HI all..... i have made a room behind a sky box.......and i can see this in the sky why? and how can i fixed that? Don't forget i am a German Boy, not a Game Boy ;)