1. G

    Esf Final quest

    i have a question for the esf final here we can see vegeta multiplayer gameplay: in the 0:19 sec we can see vegeta use big bang attack and this big bang attack follow after the bot (or someone) that he attack him so my question is: in the final...
  2. G

    ESF Final Goku Super Saiyan God Form

    Who that dont know it there is a stronger form that SSJ3 the form name is Super Saiyan God it is from dragon ball z movie 2013 Battle Of Gods By Akira Toriyma (i write his name correctly ???) and it from Dragon Ball Z not GT !!! Here is a video (trailer) (see they say in 50 sec the SSJ God)...
  3. G

    A question about ESF Final

    Hello Esf Team i have a question about the new game Esf Final 1)i just have to ask no about the release date just about the Percentage so my question is how much Percentage the game done already ??? Tnx For Help AnyBody !!!
  4. G

    When well be new information from ESF Final ???

    Hello to you esf team or fans i wont to know when well be more new videos or release date or new pictures (at least pictures) someone know something of this information ??? someone can tell me (and all the esf fans) when well be new thing on the web showed up ??? please we are waiting a lot...
  5. Nebulisreconx

    I had a dream about ESF: Final

    It's all still fresh in my head, it was gorgeous, fast, and furious! The new melee system was satisfying, and made me feel so empowered, as the force from every punched rippled through the air in thunderous waves. No more slow flight speeds, as powerful hits knocked my opponent near 3x the...
  6. M

    how is ESF final Done ?

    hey Guys i have a quest ESF is a realy realy good game and i com from Germany my Quest is How is ESF Final Done i meen the new ESF with the best Grafhic thx .
  7. G

    Request for GT on ESF Final

    i Request for an some gt players like ssj4 goku and vegeta ssj4 gogeta mybe omega shenron but recomended the firsts and some more addons (if you dont use them anyway) ssj2 gogeta vegito and super vegito gotenks ssj1 and 3 and base please i think it well be even more awesome with them or even...
  8. Blashix

    ESF Final

    How many years must esf final has been released?
  9. Baaja

    What makes a HL mod server lag free? (e.g. ESF Final + NNK)

    Hi I will be moving in to a new apartment which I will share with my girlfriend. As we will have a good connection provided by the housing cooperative, and I will have a spare laptop without a screen doing nothing at all. I was thinking of starting an NNK/ESF server with pretty good uptime...
  10. DaFeLa

    The Final Fantasy Thread

    The development studio Square Enix revealed at the ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy series the last series offshoot of character Lightning. This had already played in Final Fantasy 13 Final Fantasy 13-2 and its successor, the main role. The last part about Lightnig to the...
  11. M

    Play-able characters

    How many playable characters do you want to add the the final game? (if this is answered somewhere else, can i please have a link to it?)
  12. GokuSS


    It's going to be on March 2013 - and this is just a guess.:-/
  13. GokuSS


    Edit by Sub: DarkVegetaESF is not a beta tester. I don't know what's releasing on New Years. Obviously something is coming, but it's probably just a trailer. Let's tone it down a little. end edit-- Some rumours say that it's going to be released on New Year's Day, that the teaser trailer...
  14. gerald324

    Is The 1.3 Final Lag In NVIDIA GeForce 6150se nForce 430?

    Hi Guys I Just Wanna Know...... I Just Wondering If This Is Smooth Gameplay In My VideoCard? 63mb VideoCard ;)
  15. gerald324

    How Many Percent Does ESF Team Done Working With 1.3 FINAL??????

    Just How Many Percent% What Do You Think Guys???? ~Gerald324~ New Member
  16. Mkilbride

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Now. I realize alot of people don't like FF14 / FFXIV. Hoever, I loved FFXI / FF11, it was my favorite MMO, and I really liked XIV despite the rough launch. I liked it's world, even it's combat system which was what most people didn't. It had a real sense of...
  17. Reading Rainbow

    Life after ESF: Final

    I haven't really given any thought about this up until recently, what does the team plan on doing after the release of ESF: Final? This mod has been in development for many years and I'm sure you guys will be happy when its finished but has there been talk of future plans for the team as a...
  18. DAviH

    I have an idea to method to transformation on esf final

    to make more natural and needing skills, instead of needing on an exact number of pl to transform it makes so mathematic calculation =l like cuz one number u cant transform why dont you do this way: every char can transform wherever your pl, but to transform you need to complete a bar...
  19. I

    Can you do a Demo of Esf Final?

    Hi, I'm here in my Pc, and I have a great ideia, why do you, Team ESF, do a Alpha test, or Demo, of the the biggest project: Esf Final? :rolleyes: I think the people are very exciting for that Game/Mod Release, so, why do you demonstrate a little of that? :scared: With that, I think the...
  20. E

    problem ESF open beta final

    hi all i got a problem today i just bhought half life 1 and installed esf open beta final into the folder when i start esf it shut down after i click on create server and than if i click start it close and say to me half life 1 got a problem and need to be closed.