1. Shuyin

    ffx-2 shuyin/tidus lenne/yuna [spoiler]

    I want to know what you think. Is there connections? My thoughts are that Tidus is a dream the fayths dreamt. He is a "dreamt" version of the long dead shuyin. Not sure about the connection between lenne and yuna though. Ive heard Yuna could be a reincarnation of lenne, but a thosand years...
  2. Vejimaru

    Yuna FFX2 Sig

    Okay...you know I'm bored when I'm making things like this... C n' C plz
  3. Ryoko

    FFX-2 Signature.

    Well, I bought this game and am loving it at the moment (even if I just started) so I made my usual sig :p
  4. Z

    ffx-2 models

    can anny one get me some refs of the ffx-2 models so i can make them for esf :P i would like front vieuw and stuff
  5. Ryoko


    Rawr. Please comment, it makes me happy. ^^
  6. Rebirah


    Do you think it will be a success? I do I was on kazaa and saw a trailer and it looked awesome. Do you think it will be as good as 7? Becasue 7 was the best and i have played 1, 7 ,8, 9, and 10 and I think 7 was best.
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