1. W

    sig sig lol feedback plz

    Hey! thanks to the ultimate power of Light Scream! lol he hosted my pic for me, so here it please :D ;)
  2. J

    Mystic Sphere (wallpaper)

    Hey, i want to have some feedback, and know what i can add or take away or what i can change. thanks
  3. J

    Sonic Blue (contest)

    Nazghul said something about a contest, can someone fill me on that? :o just posting this:
  4. D

    w00t! Dudley Boyz Sig! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

    Its not GREAT....but its GOOD! :D Plz give me feedback on wut u think.....and if ur a sig maker..plz give me tips on how to make it look better :D
  5. P

    My Sig not too frequent of a poster here but i thought i would try and get some feedback on my new sig
  6. Optimus Prime

    Didn't get a lot of feedback in Off Topic soo...

    What do you think of my new sig?
  7. SA_Gohan


    Hello all So, have any opinions? BTW: I'm probably going to redo the skin. l8er
  8. T

    Get that BEBI in my tummy!

    aight im almost finshed wit the arms and the chest... abs are getting redone and the everything gold... post feedback! *dont say **** about the model i didnt do it.....*
  9. B

    sig j/k graphix I made

    ya its nothin special just I want feedback on it tell me what i could change for the better finished it in 5 min give it time to load O_O
  10. R

    kui,or vegeta model

    heya,well here is my vegeta or kui model(i don't know what to make it cus it looks good for both well tell me what ya think for now
  11. G

    please jelp

    how can i improve this model on milkshape? everyone says it just looks like boxes? i don't know how to do better stuff? does anyone know any tutorials for milkshape and gmax?????? please give some feedback
  12. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Makin a model

    Just letting you know i'm doing a model for gohan ( or anyone when i change the heads). When i'm done i will post some pics. Its not to good but i'm gettin better!!
  13. J

    sig i made, plz give me feedback

    hey i made this sig for Hybrid 2000 i think it's pretty cool :) <img src="">