1. Viper

    I need some feedback on my PC build

    Because of an 'incident' with my current wooden box, I have decided to buy a new PC. My budget is of around 2000$. Here's what I came up with: I'll be using this build for gaming, but mostly for 3D and video editing and rendering. Like the title says, I need some feedback. I would also...
  2. Skyrider

    The Arcade is back! Feedback, comments needed!

    I've re-added the arcade, but it's a different one than the one I installed in the past. There's only a few games on it for now so you guys can play around with it. I've added a few classic and "newer" type games. Yes, I know the "newer" games have...
  3. Wolf

    Character Rig Setup/Rigging By Wolf ~Feedback welcomed!~

    Hey guys, long time no see. My name is Andy, aka Wolf, I'm a veteran ESF fan though I don't tend to be very active in the forums. Some might know me or remember me from other mods that I have helped them work on or worked directly on. I'm a 3d animator, like DT, and I am here to share my...
  4. T

    Animator wanting feedback.

    Hey guys! Long time no see! Yes this is Wolf, old OLD esf vet (dont let my post count fool you, i just dont post here any plus this is like my 3rd account i think), tho about 90% of you won't remember me any, some will. Anyways, i'm a 3d animator (6-7 yrs in practice) I've worked for a studio...
  5. V

    My feedback on ESF

    Since the team is working on a new version I think I should do my job as a fan and give feedback. Well it has been about two years and I decided to return and see what happened to my favourite DBZ mod. Unfortunately, although still a very very solid mod I see that it still has problems...
  6. ultrassj_vegeta


    i do realise some bits are screwd up... however im too lazy to fix them at this stage... the mistakes shall be done when i have feedback on what to change... crits.. thnx u!
  7. E

    New Layout, Feedback please

    layout Feedback hey fellas, Im working on a layout for a client, and I was wondering if you could gimme some feedback. Thanks.
  8. Sonic the Vampire

    To the modelors and their fans, an important notice. /\ Before posting from this point forward, we expect everyone to pay attention to the thread hyperlinked above and adhear to those rules. Both of these rules were very recently placed, and I realize that after you've all...
  9. X

    Just some small feedback.

    Hi, I'm ESFnoob (I think that's the name, you guess what I mean by it...) I just tried your mod, it's pretty good, very good, but there are still details. Players join the game, and then they just fight and respawn over and over until they have enough power to transform, then they...
  10. Wyatt

    Goku Gt Model Plz Help

    Ok i dont feel like waiting for other people to release a goku from gt model. So, i started making my own with the original esf goku model. But after making some edits too it i started on that bottom part of his shirt that goes under the belt. And while animating i found out that it doesnt stay...
  11. J

    Quick Halo 2 wallpaper

    crits and feedback plz.
  12. Hsu

    My ESF wallpaper

    This is my esf wallpaper that I have been working on. Nothing special and it still needs quite a bit of work. I just wanted to show you what I have done and also to get some feedback about how I can fix it to make it better (no fancy stuff, I am keeping this one VERY simple.) Thanks...
  13. DaKD

    Time for feedback again

    Ok people i do this every once in a while. i wanna know what u guys think of my work. plz vote!
  14. D

    Any Cool Vegetas??

    Does anyone know any really cool vegeta models that has its own tactics?? For example-- like does he punch differently or jumps differently. I really want one. Thanx!
  15. Pommy

    Pommy's website layout

    My website layout is done!! :) Im so happy. Version 4.0 if anyone wants to see (or cares) :D please post feedback on it.
  16. U

    My First REmodel

    It is my first model. well how does it look ?? ( i cant make it a mdl file because i don't knoiw how to do so, so if some could tell me?!? ) or or...
  17. MaX

    this my VERY 1st model ever its a fake char i made :D be nice to me on this with feedback cause this my 1st model and im 11 years old sooooo.... :/.. thx Critz and copy and paste the url.. (EDIT) COME REPLY I KNOWU GUYS KEEP VIEWING NOW REPLY ... geeze.
  18. Pommy

    My photoshop 7 tutorial

    I had this tutorial posted but then I was told to move it to The art tutorials page but I also wanted feedback on it. So here it is ok? It also is in there :X I have created a photoshop 7 tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  19. MaX

    my bd ssj2gohan post what u guys want me to TRY and draw now k.. :) Copy and Paste.. feedback on it 2 :)
  20. K

    AllocBlock: full

    Hey, I need help. Getting a weird error message when I try to play my map. It goes to the console and seems to be loading it, but then it kicks me out to the menu and an error message comes up. It says "AllocBlock: full" and freezes ESF. I've never seen this before so let me know if anybody...