1. IFlip92

    Fading destruction animation

    Before anyone says anything I know very well destruction is not possible in ESF:Final with few prop xceptions and maybe some sort of decals. This thread is more of a question really. In this video here => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YytOxMsuegA&feature=related Notice the short lived and...
  2. Effigy

    Music Fading

    Not sure if this was posted before but does anyone have a decent tutorial on how to clean out the backround music in sound files (dbz recordings) so its mostly the voice? it was done really well in esf, perhaps freedom could explain?
  3. E

    Fading sound program

    Hey does ne1 no a sound program thaty u can fade BG music with cause i am stumped..........
  4. S

    I want a sig plz

    i want that the picture will be SSJ Goku
  5. Slash

    fading to white?

    you guys know when like in dbz gifs sometimes (in the good ones) the screen like "fades" to white kinda? like when gohan powers up in this GIF how do i do that? i have photoshop 7 and paint shop pro and ms paint :D
  6. Krazy-Killa

    Fading in and out of SSJ while transforming.

    I know what you might be thinking.... "No it won't be done, too laggy." But if you could just take the time and read what I have in mind you might be interested. Ok here goes. What I was thinking instead of having the entire model change back and forth, what about skin, since I believe the...
  7. X

    New Sig Again

    well Made One More.. so there's a New Poll Going on. Sig 1 Sig 2 And The Newest. Sig 3
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