1. Virtigo Seven

    gundam models

    What about using gundams as playable charicters (my speling suks)? Like using Counter-Strike bots with Gundam skins?
  2. M

    ive animated.....

  3. M

    All MilkShape can Handle

    YO heres a HIGH poly model that I made in MILKSHAPE 3D :], Its of Diablo. errr.. yeh couldnt finish it because MilkSHape couldn't Handle the poly count and froze my pc every time I opened it :P. It is ALL done with vertex manipulation. No shperes or boxes or cylanderas here foo's all l33+ plus...
  4. T

    Iconz Gotenks Model Skinned (W.I.P.)

    just finshed the upper body...
  5. T

    1 hour face (bebi vegeta)

    here is a quick skin i did for my firends model its bebi vegeta... i kinda of mostly guessed what he looked like since every pic i have seen of him he looks different...
  6. Z

    How Do I Make A MAP?????

    okay i would like to know how i can make a map and what programs to use??? and then a torturial (i Think its called that!) weel somebody tell me!
  7. Hiro

    Help a n00b make a sig

    Will someone plz make me a sig? IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRICIATED. Heres what I would like: I want it to say: -=[TIS]=- SSJ Son Goku somewhere on the sig. *I dont care where*. I would like it to have a picture of goku going SSJ and somthing cool. :)
  8. S

    Goku Head Reskin

    i redid the face of goku... this is my first skin done with my new graphics tablet, so go easy on the critisism... anyway, enjoy!
  9. Akhkaru

    Goku: Semi-SSJ skin

    Well, as the subject says, here it is, and READ the top, don't blame me about anything, I'm sure joe will enjoy it... I think, so here it is: If that don't work, click here
  10. SSJ-Roach

    Just a sig.

    i was wondering if I could have someone make me one. Maybe with Gohan going SSJ2 for the first time. Or when they show Gohan and Goku in the same image when he was power struggling with Cell. Thanks for any help.