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    Comments to my Vegeta skin

    Comments to my (improved) Vegeta skin I want to hear your comments about this skin, I made in Paint *lol. And look at normal vegetas mouth (?) , what a detail. lol Ok say what you want to say. http://www.hawkarea.de/stuff/ssjvegeta.jpg
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    My krilin skin!

    Hi, I'm not new here or anything..... I've been with the oldest of the team. Before they were even esforces, they were power-up. Well anyhow wanted to know if anyone could give me lesson or 2 on how to do the clothing.... and yes i know about www.dbzskinning.cjb.net . This is what i've done...
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    Semi-anime human model+skin - final head

    I made some last tweakings to the model and skin, and ended up with this: http://elium.t35.com/images/human_male-head-final.jpg (copy and paste URL) The hair is a separate model, and isnt final. So, what's this model? Its the base human model for an RPG game in development called Elium...
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    iconz goku model head skin

    ok i did a quick skin on this head tell me what you guys think
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    my official first skin:D gimme comments..i'll post all updates on model/skin here!!!!!
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    my first attempt at a skin

    im going to make it ssj3 or ssj4 dunno yet, its not close to being done and its my first attempt so bare with me!
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    Ussj Vegeta Done!!!

    Here is a front and back pic of him. I still have to slightly adjust the skin, but other than that, it's done Do not expect it out VERY soon. I am checking with Tien whether to make this public or -[GF]-'s And antoine, I will give this to you!
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    SSJ Majin Vegeta Model