1. M

    Mutiple ESFs

    Is it possible to have 2 or 3 ESFs installed? 1 ESF is ECX 1 ESF is ESF 1 ESF is 1.3 1 ESF is EVM All in the half-life folder. Is it possible?
  2. S

    how do i get two esfs?

    one would be for 1.2 and then the other would be for 1.1.
  3. S

    ESFS help

    Ok I followed those steps on adding a mod to steam and when i click on earth special forces it says fatal error and says like could not open and then gives the name. Please help me out
  4. L

    remembering the old esfs...

    first time i played ESF was when i was totaly DBZ freak lol first one i played was the alpha version, then they didnt use the thing so the models where smaller, lol so the maps where pretty small.. melee was just go up to the player and use kicks + punchers looked really crap really.. lol and...
  5. D

    More models!!!

    To get more models i found this website : might also be something for the team of esf ;-)
  6. G

    what are the new models for 1.1

    yo all lets get the load down 1.1 is coming so we have to get the models updated so here we go let me see the new models and ideas u all have and that esf shall become better and make some more trunks models and vegeta alright and dont forget about goten lol and lil trunks well yeah lol
  7. Bryggz

    My First Model Edit!!!

    hey guys i just edited my first model....its that trunks model made by umm...styreta i believe, i also used the strand from azn's mystic gohan, any thoughts/comments/rude remarks? btw its suppose to be along the lines of ussj trunks,(notice the more buff arms/legs) Heres my site
  8. C

    Where can i find Esfs movies?

    Anyone know of a fan site or something where i can watch every esf movie from the beta. I have only seen 1 or 2 but i heard theres like 5 or 6 and my friend said theres a nice one of the Big bang attack somewhere.. Anyone know? thanks