1. EvolutionX


    Exist map in esf named esf_giant_forest?
  2. Z Senshis|Shin

    esf_giantforest BUG

    I don't know if it's just me or what but when i try to play on that map, it starts to take screenshots of the game, a lot of them like if automatically use the cmd "startmovie #" :S it happens on that map only.
  3. E


    I decided to load up ESF_GIANTFOREST, to see why it was being the way it was... And I am certain that, there is a memory leak in/around/on a boulder behind one of the trees. At first I thought it was one of the trees, but, then I looked up a little to see that things were fine. So I looked down...
  4. Lethal_Vegetto

    esf_giant_forest problem =/

    I dont know if anyone else is having this problem, when in this map, in one area, it lags me horibly and i dont know why. Anyone know why?
  5. G

    help with esf_giant_forest

    my esf_giant_forest map for esf 1.2.1 lags up right away and its intense lag.