1. JM LE FOU

    erase background sound

    i like to erase background sound like music for exemple i'm making a great sound pack for esf and i got some nice sound but with music , i like to keep sound (scream or speech ) and cancel the music. anyone can help me? thanks
  2. SSjGohan12345

    maps in esf1.1

    Will there be any new esf maps in the esf 1.1 or do i have to contine downloading them from redsaiyan where i find they crash on me.
  3. SSj_Gotenks95

    Character Help

    Is there any possible way to add a character, so that I dont have to erase my other characters to use it???
  4. Bryggz

    USSJ trunks model edit release!!

    Hey everybody i remade styreta's armored trunks model and made him more ussj-ish, gimme some comments if u may ;-) Click here for pics