1. Nuttzy

    earthbound, yayzors

    magus brought it up in another thread, and so here it is. i plan to make the full set in this style (basic colors/low poly), all the characters and maybe even a few monsters and an environment. this isnt my first ness model, in fact its probabaly my 3rd or 4th, this is by far the one...
  2. X


    Well, I am finished most of it... but I am posting this for two reasons, 1 for critzs, the second and most important is to ask how to solve AllocBlock:Full, DD and I have both tweaked and compiled many times... oh well here is the pics from WC (the cracks in the ground won't show ingame and the...
  3. Mr. Satans

    Earthbound Art Contesht

    w00t! An art conest! We're looking for an Earthbound themed banner (780 Wide X 130 High) and/or a small link button, which can be animated. So basically this contest has 2 parts; one for the banner and one for the small link button. Which means one person could win the banner contest and...
  4. Mr. Satans

    HLEB Mod Models -- So Far

    Hey! I was bored and seeing how Glenn (One Of The HLEB Modelers Who Is On Dees Forums As Well) has been losing his stuff all the time I decided to make some models for the mod, now remember, I SUCK AT MODELING! If you can keep that in mind, you may proceed >> Mr. Satan's EB Model Thread
  5. Mr. Satans

    Earthbound Mod Project

    After being obsessed with the SNES RPG game EARTHBOUND (Mother 2) I have been thinking about starting an EARTHBOUND mod for Half-Life. I have already started making textures for maps and I will try to begin making some Earthbound maps during the rest of the school year but I dobut I'll get...
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