1. Deathshot

    Dunno why I tried..

    Yea, my monitor is still screwed up. Showing the yellow overlay on the Monitor since it doesnt get enough power... Here it is... Yea.. dunno what the colors look like.
  2. F

    Audi [dunno which model really]

    Dont rememebr when i posted here last time. This is my first attemp for modeling a car. Ou well once i made a Kaios car but i dont remeber when that was. It still needs work in the back, fixing propotions a little and more detailing...
  3. bapplebo

    Dunno what I'm doing ;O

    Arm needs work, and i dunno what to do with the torso. I'm thinking half armor / half skin, but we'll see. No refs are used. 2nd model in Max. There is a lil problem if you look on the viewport name, then at my model. I dunno how to delete smoothing groups ;O.
  4. F

    Maddox something or other, i dunno some jackass

    Eh, i'm sure a lot of you have heard about this guy, and his site But i was just wondering what you all thought of well, one the way he thinks, and 2. if you agree or disagree with what he says. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=episode3 That is on the recent movie "star wars...
  5. S

    ...game is screwing up on me and i dunno why

    ok, if this is posted somewhere else already, i have yet to find it, and nobody has a straight answer to give me to what the problem is. If it has been posted already, the someone give me a link please, if not try to help me out and i would appreciate it. Ok, i downloaded esf and it worked...
  6. [F.co]Kirby

    umm yeah i dunno where else to put this

    i dunno where else to post this question but what type of 3d modeler do you guys use like (CRAP i forget the higher end one all i remeber is the lower ended free ware version) o well since i can't remeber what its called who uses gmax? lol cause thats pretty good at 3d modeling if you don't...
  7. .Maze

    Gohan SSJ2 Scattershot (i dunno the right name)

    well in one of the Cell Games Episode you see Gohan ssj2 fight against the cell jr. And he does something like that. Hes standing there lifting his Arms up and shoots lots of Ki balls and they kill cell jr. The idea is when your SSJ2 Gohan you should get this as an attack. When your using it...
  8. Goten-son

    Dunno if this is a bug but...

    ok i was just playing esf, and some guy with a wierd name like )()()()()()()(;SSJ4Goku()()()() something liek that when he did advanced melee he literally did over 100 direction keys!, and also he had a speed cheat to i think because he was zooming around the map very very fast but he had a ping...
  9. W

    Dunno if this is ESF, or Steam

    When I try to make a listen server for me and my friends to play 1.2 on, no matter what settings I apply, it always goes back to the default settings... Is there any way to make ESF/Steam listen to what I want it to do? :confused:
  10. Zorb

    just a guy i drew, dunno what to call him

    uumm... im just gonna post him :p not really much to say than: critz plz
  11. B

    i dunno if this has been suggested b4

    to have a renzoku energy BEAM att e.g instead of firing lots of ki balls, u fire lots of little generic beams, that also form the ki blob that'd look heaps cool, and u see it done heaps on the show regards
  12. DragonDude

    A New Map? I Dunno, What Do You Think?

    I was really bored, so I just started working on a little area in Hammer. :P It wouldn't be a good map the way it is now, but if enough people like it I'll make it into a full map. What do you think?
  13. S

    Teleport Triggers

    Ok I want to make a Trigger on my map where when you shoot an object the player gets teleported to a secret place.:D Any ideas on how this can be done:confused: Thanks in advance.
  14. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  15. Wangster

    street thuggie [drawing]

    well, i made a lil drawing, its one of these types that are always looking for a fight, you usualy encounter them in a bar, or on a street @ night. anyhows, here it is, i would really like to have some tips, crits, and opinions. thnx http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/anger(clothes).jpg ps...
  16. NeLo

    Well This One Is Better...Im suprised

    Hey guys, im at it with Kenshin again although something about this wallpaper just seems really neato i think. I axed bryggz and he said it was pretty cool but kinda weird. Though i do agree with him..its just something about this piece just i dunno just makes me wanna just stare at it..So guys...
  17. Amitron

    Help with photoshop

    Ok i dunno if this is how its supposed to be, but this bugs me whenever im working on sigs or whatever in photoshop or anything in there in the top left hand corner of what im working on there is always like two gray boxes...and they get in the way. One of them has 01 in it and the other has...
  18. V

    WIP : Setsuna

    I discovered ESF 2 days ago, and I enjoyed the game. So I decided to make an original model^^ It’s Setsuna from psychic force 2012. There’s still some errors in anatomy ,and the polycount is probably too high for Half life... But I have the (bad?)habit to fix the mesh during the...
  19. U


    Its been more than 2 weeks so i m not banned! Credit to: Models:PcJoe , Vassago , SS_Vegeta Skin : Form3 - SS_Vegeta , Form 4 - me , Cyborg - me
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    I Will Wait For You

    I Will Wait For You Taken at sunset.