1. Phobius

    WP Contest Voting

    Wallpaper Contest. I've decided too do some artwork contests. For the first week it will be a wallpaper contest, then we will do some scanned art image contests and go from there. Their are some rules I wanted to go over before we start this. All images need to be posted by Sunday, Septemeber...
  2. G

    to dudeman

    Uhhh your not the first to have a tombraider sig I remember seeing one(that looked way 5hiter than yours) on an old gamming forum that was like 2 years ago...
  3. Synth

    Movie 8 map request

    Im not a skilled mapper myself, you should see what i tried to make with world craft. i had a open warehouse with a zombie army on one end then a horde of scientist on the other. with 2 giants crates in the middle centered from each other. behind the scientist i had a ladder they led up to a...
  4. D

    The dudeman thing..

    ok just wanna let you know that this other dudeman is NOT me!! i don't have a second account.. it's my friend and we got the same name (almost) i also made a SIG for him and myself wich are looking almost the same:D i wonder what you guys think about it... the sig of the other dudeman is...
  5. D

    Waar is simen? hoi dudeman

    simen ik ben nu ook lid van dees forum