1. Plakman

    Port Forwarding SX762 Wlan dsl

    Hi, i wanted to ask if someone here knows how to forward more then 20 ports in this router? i can put in a max of 20 and that's far from enough what i need for half-life =/ i would post this in the support section but i get this when i try to validate: VHost Not Found The VHost you...
  2. V

    Strange Lag, with dsl 6000 *help*

    i?ve reinstalled my computer to XP and instaled all my programms back, though i decided to put Esf back into my gamer corner. It was fun in the first time, though i?ve played agaisnt bots. then after i?ve tried to play online, my ping always bounced: 20-5231-500-2123-300... and so on I?ve...
  3. clen

    Telus Dsl problems

    I'm having trouble qhile installing telus dsl it says that it couldn't renew ip addres thanks for any help.
  4. The_Forgotten

    Stuff I made while my DSL got power surged >_<

    I made a few sigs while I was away.I also re-did the text for my Link sig ^_^. Well first things first, the Link sig ^^. And this one I made for my gf.Shes only active on one forum which is Family Guy.PM me for a link :).Here it is(she likes kirby;)) And the rest are just made for fun.I...
  5. Nuttzy

    DSL issues,

    well, iw as super happy the overweight hairy man came to activate our dsl today, i woke up early on this day for this reason, (which is no small feat for a lazy ass such as myself) i set it up, me and my brother had decided that the modem would be in his room, which is also where our 5 port...
  6. D

    Where can I get .. ?

    Does anyone here know where I can get a skinning program? THAT IS FOR FREE!
  7. M

    Connection to server timeout, BUT I GOT DSL!

    yo omg this is so not fair.......... i just got this esf installed again and every time i try to connect it takes some time and then it says connection to server timeout! PLEASE HELP ME! I BEG YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: i also like the new esf web page its nice :)