1. [SAS]Orion

    Wierd dvd drive problem

    When the computer is first starting up the DVD drive is not detected as the Primary Slave. But in trying to figure out what was going on I went into the BIOS setup and went down to check out the configuration for the Primary Slave. Upon entering the configuration menu the name of the Dvd-drive...
  2. Taurus 2112

    Guilty Gear X2 :Reload, Done go drive me crazy!

    Yeah thats right, I recently purchased Guilty Gear X2 :Reload for the XBOX, and it's driving me insane. I know how awesome Cliff and Justice are supposed to be, but i just can't unlock them. The game is just to FREAKIN' hard. I know that in order to excel at anygame you have to use strategy and...
  3. TwisteR

    Moron at the drive through

    Fire in the hole!!
  4. Colgetto

    16 and drink in Holland or 16 in USA and drive?

    It has really been a while since posting, finally got through the tests for the Marines, but lets just get to the point. What would you like more? be 16 in Holland en be able to drink alcohol and party your arse off. or be 16 in USA or Canada and be able to Crash your ass off...
  5. X-iT_W0uN|)

    Warp Drive check it out

    This is my first proper Indy art (In my opinion). So what you guys think
  6. A

    I need help getting original model!!!!!

    i downloaded a model for goku(SSJ4) and put it as my ssj form, it ended up being a peice of ****. I wanted to go back to normal ssj model but i dont have another file. I need help, can someone give me a link so i can get the origanal ssj goku model? Thanx.
  7. A

    fonts *DOH*

    Well... i formateted my c: drive... and i forgot to save my fonts... :cry: so now i dont know what to do.. i need specielly the code one ;D any wann wanan make a font pack or give me some fast font pageg.. and yes i have searcht. //grz zion
  8. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: DL link: click on ""...
  9. F

    Error 1327.Invalidid drive C:

    Plz, help. My local drive is F:\ and the installshield doesn't want to install ESFbeta..........Can u help me?
  10. K

    How i put Bardock on the game?

    i have the mod of Bardock and i dont now how i put it on the game )-: someone can help me plz......
  11. I

    Why are sixteens nervous when they drive!?!?!?!?!

    soo why u guys think that sixteens are to young to drive?:cry: O_o Edit* oops sry its WHY THEY ARE NERVOUS
  12. GoJita

    How can i insert my pic

    How can i insert my drawing without it having to be on a webpage?
  13. D

    Cannot Install WIthout a C Drive..

    I use partitions.. my windows is on an E drive.. i couldnt install had to DL the files from a friend.. that uses a C drive for windows.. plz fix this in 1.1 :)
  14. J

    help with error 1327.Invalid Drive C:/

    when i try to install esfb100 always error 1327.Invalid Drive C:/ comes up can u plz tell me how to fix this prob thanx.
  15. P

    Sup Duders

    Mastasurf told me to post it when i finished, sooooo tell me what you think.....
  16. S

    help PLZ!!!!!!!!

    hi guys im asking for some idea's for a map tell me some ideas and i make the map and im tired of all the w8ing for the beta relleas!:tired: ! w8ing = waiting :)