1. The Deco

    Young people who drink alot tend to have more sex

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/12/04/drinky_equals_jigjig_say_us_profs/ WHERE IS MY 12 [email protected]?!#?!?! Discuss
  2. H

    anyone drink monster?

    I still cant forget how great it taste..I drank 7 of them at the roll with 2 dubble layer weepber.....so nice. 2 of green and 1 of blue and 4 of orenge....I felt so energized until now I still feel so good and I drank 4 of them in breakfest. anyone drink monster over 7 cans in one time?
  3. Tassadar

    Drink Cocaine

    I saw this on the Daily Show. I thought it was a joke. Until I went to the website. www.drinkcocaine.com *sigh* Only in America... *EDIT* Website appears to be down, probably because of the Daily Show traffic. Here's some wikinfo.
  4. A

    Drink? Eat? Cry? Beat someone up?

    What do YOU do when you're upset? Drink your sorrows away? Eat? Cry? (c'mon admitt it....YOU CRY) Shoot hookers? Steal police cars?
  5. S

    Your favorite Snack n Drink.

    When sitting at the computer playing a game or simply browsing the net. What is your snack. Mines: a Loaf of Bread (yes i love bread) Gatorade or Orange Juice (whats wierd is I drink alot more than I eat I have lost about 20 pounds doing nothing).
  6. Colgetto

    16 and drink in Holland or 16 in USA and drive?

    It has really been a while since posting, finally got through the tests for the Marines, but lets just get to the point. What would you like more? be 16 in Holland en be able to drink alcohol and party your arse off. or be 16 in USA or Canada and be able to Crash your ass off...
  7. S

    hey kiddies! i got a background!

    hahaha well its just a joke background i made at 2am after a 12pack of mountain dew...boredom, a chemistry book, and a whole ****load of caffeine went into this one http://mkz.fragism.com/caffeinated.jpg