1. wheres_

    Anyone know Dreamcast stuff?

    I got a Japanese console and a few Japanese games, but I want to buy pal and or ntsc-u games and play them through use of a bootdisk (which as far as i know is not illegal) The internet seems entirely concentrated on playing japanese and pal games on ntsc-u consoles though, and it's possible...
  2. M

    Sega Dreamcast 2 - With Pics

    I wish this was real. :cry:
  3. M

    Prototype Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive on eBay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250163670619 This is the first time I've seen this machine.
  4. Zeonix

    Dreamcast's Last Breath

    Much like one of the guys in a war movie, the Dreamcast trudges on even after being shot 5 million times in the chest and face. Alas, this might be the end for a great product. http://www.shoutwire.com/viewstory/41316/New_Dreamcast_Game_Announced_For_2007 Btw, in the future Sega makes a...
  5. M

    I hate the ****ing Dreamcast

    I hate how the Dreamcast Game discs are so sensitive, PS1 will play a game in any condition, Dreamcast on the other hand, if you commit 7 or 8 scratches the game will not play, which really pisses me off. I have a couple of games, that have worked before, and once they get about a few scratches...
  6. M


    My Dad just gave me a Dreamcast with Spiderwebs all over it (Literally), With no Controllers or cords, I need a place to buy some, like on the internet, (My mom won't take me anywhere), I tried Ebay but it isn't letting me register, I need a place where it's cheap.
  7. J

    Good Dreamcast games

    Well, I've seen a Dreamcast on sale for pretty cheap, and I'm considering picking it up this week. I just wondered if anyone could reccomend some games that I ought to pick up. I'll be getting Shenmue (playing the second one on Xbox at the minute :D) and I think I'll get Soul Reaver too. Were...
  8. J

    can anyone help me fix my new dreamcast?

    i bought a dreamcast yesterday for £20 and right from the get go, it doesnt work very well (i wasnt expecting it to). anyway, what i gather the problem to be, is with the cd engine, as it sometimes fires up to full speed, sometimes not, sometimes goes half speed...half way through playing a...
  9. TehMuffinMan

    a little addition for the sonic pack

    mwhaha... ive made these about 2 months ago but could not compile them, but latly i found a way around that and it works ^_^ amaze youself with these nifty chaos emeralds! theres a bigger pic on RS... there uploaded on RS HERE! not much. but there ok :]
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