1. KarrdeKNR

    Adam Savage Dancing in a Faraday Cage to the Doctor Who theme...

    ...played on Tesla Coils.
  2. Deathshot

    Not gonna be a doctor....

    So I got a copy of Trauma Center: New Blood finally for Wii and I have to say.... Im not a ****ing good doctor at all... I nearly killed some guy fixing his broken arm.... I kept stabbing him constantly with the broken bone pieces by accident...
  3. Nuttzy

    embarassing doctor visits?

    so eh, lets say hypothetically a spider bit me last night, lets say he hypothetically bit me about 2 inches from my man purse, and again, "hypothetically" lets just say it swelled up to the size of a golf ball by the next day and has been bleeding all day.. ...>_> would you say I'm going to...
  4. Viper

    Doctor Love...

    Thanks to Enix and his big Naruto refs archive i was motivated to make a model using them. No need to tell you guys who he is...
  5. S

    Japanese Doctor invents ethernal life device!!!

    When I first heard it i was laughing, your probably laughing too now. But after you read ******** you probably want one. The stuff that is on that site sounds very reasonable. It's all explained very clear. So maybe you don't need the dragonballs to live forever ;) Link removed.
  6. Twilight

    ssj3 Vegeta

    Could anyone get a bunch of images of Vegeta, ssj3 gotenks, and ssj3 goku and then just mesh/doctor up the image to make a near exact pic of what ssj3 Vegeta would look like? I know it could be done, but I just cant do it myself