1. G

    DJ-ready's s2k snakewayv2 map

    i tried to play DJ's snakewayv2 map and when it starts to load the game closes and says [ sprite/snakewolke2.spr] come up, help?
  2. Slofreak

    Dj-Ready !!!

    Man i thot you guys fixed the statistic plug and you can download it everytime u go on corona servers or esf-world servers. whell i had some problems with the steam icon it whouldnt show up on the bar so i couldnt run steam and if i run it from start it dosent show up. Anyways i reinstall it...
  3. Kaination

    The DJ-Ready chronicles: A new chapter Updated journal ftw o/ Discussness.
  4. Skyrider

    Anyone seen DJReady lately?

    Is it me, or is DJ not online anymore. I haven't seen him online for over 5 weeks now.
  5. ShadyD

    @ DJ-Ready

    i never personally met the ESF team but atleast i know how much DJ ready likes to see other mods fail.. The Power Within Mod For Jedi knight : Jedi Academy. The goku model made for SoS was converted for JKA an (at that time) non-team member asked wether we could use it later on msn i told him we...
  6. Devion

    DJ-Ready's dev update The new map looks hawt. Kinda gave me an ESF alpha feeling for...
  7. S

    Mapping, DJ-Ready

    I've recently just started back at half-life mapping after a 2/3 year break and I am full of some questions hopefully there not to irrotating, anyway here goes....... sorry DJ can never seem to catch you on aim atm! I am trying to create a palm tree using the func_illusionary method, at the...
  8. Gears

    esf-world is down..and so is DJ-Ready

    He just msn me that his isp has closed his internet and won't be working for one month!!! And that goes the same with esf-world and the s2k clan and mapping squad...
  9. DeclineFX

    djready entry

    maps look cool based on a location in the show?? maybe buu saga?
  10. DJ-Ready

    Maps maps maps maps maps...

    New maps r out.... esf_s2k_djready_simplearena_day esf_triforce_beta (by [-=S2k=-]Sn@ke) and s2k_brainbug_alpha (by Kurt and me) screenies will come in a lil...but you can download it now *hehe* (notice: if doesn´t work, try
  11. K


    can soemone map a HUGE MAP (and i mean huge!!!) of the World Mation arts Tournamnet? Like thats all the map is, a HUGE Arena! and if you fall of the Small gap on the side, you lose/Die! Anyway, i this this would be a Damn Cool Map! and but i dun know how to work Worldcraft 3 :(
  12. DJ-Ready

    esf_s2k_djready_bunker_alpha is ready to download

    hehe.... a new map is done... and its called esf_s2k_djready_bunker_alpha here r some screenies
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