1. GhostfaceKillah

    Indy Art: Digital Productions

    Made this completly in Photoshop. The title is the name of Quicksurfers art website, but the reason I really titled it that is because I couldn't think of a name, lol. Critz/comments please.
  2. GhostfaceKillah

    Digital Inferno BG

    Done completly in photoshop, I was messing around with a tutorial I found, and this is what I came up with: Critz/comments please...
  3. Ryoko

    My attempt at a "Pro"

    Well I think its alright, nothing super though :x
  4. B

    good enough?

    look at sig, what you think?
  5. F

    Digital Takeover

    I wish I still had the .psd format...I would improve it soooo much.
  6. V

    Beta 1 - teaser

    It's obvious who this is, so it's not much of a "teaser" as it is a preview. I still have a bit more to do to this bad boy though:
  7. V

    bored on a Sunday afternoon

    After reading the book, "The Fall of Reach", as well as seeing the HALO2 trailer, I was inspired once again to play HALO. And while playing it, I got inspired to model :D So this morning I started work on a model of John, also called the Master Chief. Right now he's not for anything in...
  8. Mr. Satans

    Ripping Audio From Digital Video - HELP

    I have always wanted to be able to rip the audio from a digital video file (mpeg, mpg, avi, etc...). Finally, early this month I found a few programs that had features that would do this (Blaze Media Pro & OSS something [Can't Remember The Full Name]) BUT my trial on Blaze Media Pro has ran out...
  9. V

    Polycount pull - UT2k3 texture

    Heya freaks, thought I'd show you this w.i.p as well. Someone named Neolith over at the polycount forums made the model and posted the SDK in the thread. This is what I've gotten done so far:
  10. V

    A wee something for the BGmod

    Well, the artwork at the BGmod was suffering extensively, so they asked me to do a few skins for them. This is w.i.p progression of images for a sniper soldier I did for them the other day: I used a grey scale and soft light coloring technique for this character. I drew the face...
  11. E

    sum of my art work

    ok i wanted to show sum stuff :S im not keen on this but i was bored anyway and im a bad colourer on paper, im better on adobe as the next pic ya prolly will see :tired: and and thats it ;) maybe soon ill put sum more up, im a mod texturer and web designer and you can...
  12. USJTrunks

    New wallpaper

    A wallpaper I did.
  13. L

    Vassago and digital influence????

    YOUR SITE IS DOWN I WANT TO SEE THAT COOL IL-2 STURMOVIK MODEL U MADE BUT I CANT GET INTO YOUR SITE:cry: please put it up or sumthing or tell me your momentarial url caus im lost
  14. p5yCh0

    Digital Defect

    heres some real art, well not really, but its better than all this sig posting