1. M

    Stonehenge Archaeological Dig

    I can't find the original article, but an archaeological dig was started about a week or so ago at Stonehenge. Here's the latest findings: Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080409/sc_afp/britainarchaeologyhistoryheritagestonehenge_080409204216
  2. M

    Sig You Dig?

    How is this sig, I want your honest opinion, sugar coating not aloud. And that does not mean post only bad opinions.
  3. P

    Suinaides wallpaper (my anime) (not complete)

    this is a wallpaper for the anime im makin. its not complete but i thought i'd show anyways. some mild crits r accepted if u cant see it copy and paste this http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/natsuirowallpaper.jpg
  4. Nuttzy

    pan WIP

    i started her yesterday, with the intent of trying out my newly obtained skinmapping leetness, (i learnt a few things i didnt know before), the skin isnt done thats just the base skin that ill be adding the details over, her pants are mirrored with no visible lines where the skinmap overlaps...
  5. R

    ssj 3 goku

    hiho, can someone help me plz i cant find super sayan 3 goku for esf and i like goku :( plz help me i already visted many sites but stil they are difference plz thanxS
  6. S


    Can somebody make a Oozaru and a Golden Oozaru????????
  7. ssj999vegeta

    sprite editing

    what program do i use to edit sprites? im sick of my red saiyan having a yellow powerup iots so indignifying :P
  8. C

    Model Sites

    Does anyone know any other ESF model sites with a wide variety other than redsaiyan.net thanx~
  9. S

    Model & Skin Tutorials & Guides

    Hey Guys, I need Model Tutorials & Guides for my new ESF Model Web-site, the web-site will contain everything from models & skins to Tutorials & guides but I've downloaded a *.pdf file (54 MB) which I can not convert to txt or html... I'd like to ask all of you to send in your tutorials &...
  10. B

    how do u get holes out

    how do u get holes out of ur projects.
  11. K

    New siggy. Critz plz

    Dig this.
  12. N

    Works with Ink

    Within the last year, I have done 2 Vegeta drawings with an ink pen. Here they are, tell me what ya think. I had a case of insomnia 1 night, so around 2 in the morning, I did this one. This is the first one I did, with a regular ink pen, this took me 3 and a half hours. This one I...
  13. SA_Gohan


    See everybodies favorite short dude here: http://sa_gohan.tripod.com/krillin_beta.jpg he comes in at about 765 poly's if memory serves (me to lazy to make sure right now :) ) l8er
  14. K

    Dig this sig...

    It isn't my best work, but I kinda like it.