1. M

    Scientists Witness Dieing Star

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080521/ap_on_sc/star_explosion;_ylt=AjpbqRBOfUvumnYoZrlORaqs0NUE
  2. Valeska

    WoW is dieing

    there were always some nice threads about WOW like the "post your character" i havent seen em now for weeks and weeks. i quit WoW 4 months ago or something after 2 years of die-hard gaming. i think its because of TBC, even tho i still miss it sometimes because it was such a habit to come...
  3. VeGeTTo


    one of the most hateble things in esf is that when some1 kills you like goku says : "blba bla bla blalb albal" and u have to watch like 4 seconds for your char to hit the ground , with ruins my play , i suggest after u die , u respawn instantly and the body to fall , where u died , without u...
  4. Guru_San

    this place dieing?

    just thinking about it, whats going on here? anyone looking forward to anything? any ESF updates people are ranting about?? i dunno any of this cause i rarly play ESF, but the way i see it these forums are slowly dieing, sure there are a heap of members and im prob going to get flamed to hell...
  5. T

    vegeta dieing

    i noticed that when i'm vegeta, and i get thrown into a rock, and i'm ment to die, i die, but the thing is, he doesn't actually hit the rock, hes body is curved shape, and you can look around him cause hes already dead, so there is like a gap between the rocks and his body. I've tested this on...
  6. W

    help! my comuter is dieing!

    sry but this is no esf but it is very importent! look!! i got probbbb i have a prob that i cant go into the task meneger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean when i press ctrl alt delete it open a window that there i can turn my computer of and do more things and there is a buttone call Task Meneger and i...
  7. F

    ESF dieing after steam...?

    I just got ESF back and it seems rather....dead. Hardly any servers and people in them. And I bet even less when EVM is released because of the new data will requrie new servers.... Anyone else worried this mod is loseing people, Its the only DBZ mod out thats any good, and I dont think...
  8. Skyrider

    player change without die'ing bug

    simpel.. Fire a beam. and the other guy is blocking it. (while the other guy is block struggling )then select the player change button. and you change the player without dieing.
  9. Buce

    Dieing in 1.1?

    ok wtf do u mean that when ur pl is 0 u die?
  10. ]\/[ITCHELL

    dieing and hit

    :idea: when you die you just fall down why not make the models dematerialise ?????:] and when you get hit without blocking the beam just make the model fall like with melee so: when you die make the models dematerialise and when you get hit by a beam fall to the ground:idea:
  11. X

    ESF Servers dieing

    Well i noticed there is No and no servers online... how the heck can that be for about 5 days ago there were 10-15 servers up running and what about the ESF Server??? that the ESF Team has made?? what happened to those? and all the others Videls server and all those?? WHTA IS HAPPENING...