1. H

    Sound Gets stuck or regurgitates when I die

    Hello! I have a very *** and stupid problem. When I get killed and I am about to respawn the screen freezes and the sound plays the last thing that i head before i died over and over again. This is really messing me up and causing bad lag. If you can fix this please post. Thanx in advance
  2. M

    When i die i lagg plz help

    I need Help plz. When i die the game laggs for me not ne one else unless i host. I got DSL wit a windows ME. This lagg doesn't occur on tfc or dmc, were you spawn instantly. Why does this happen? Why me? It's not fair i tell you, not fair............ :S Please help or tell me that im...
  3. G


    I can't make maps Please help me!!:cry:
  4. M

    Need 2 Modelers for new better DBZ UT mod

    My friends and I would like to get 3 decent modelers for our new mod. We already have 1 and we only have couple models. We need one guy or girl that can make our transformation models another to make beams, ki blasts etc. and we also need a 2d artist. if your are interested and have some cool...
  5. sayan master

    new idea

    i think it can B nice now think of it: make an animationthat goku will go ssj lets take for an example ssj3 we can make an animation that goku transforms in to an ssj then ssj2 and then when he will end the transformation he will be an ssj 3 model nice huh if some 1 can try to do this it...
  6. Z

    wod recutements

    hy i looking for poeple who can help wariors of destiny . modlers * mappers * anny one who can do anny thing for a q3 stand alone and betta testers * = or poeple who have models/maps they want to give to the game (wil ofcourse get credits) i would like to bid the moderators to...
  7. S

    Chibi Trunks (Buu Saga)

    Hey There, Do any of you know if there's a Chibi Trunks model from the Buu Saga available, I got the Goten model, it rocks, but I'm kinda missin' Trunks with it, just to have in battle with you just makes the feeling more right... Can anyone let me know ??? !!! Greetz, Snake D
  8. Skinnerfool

    Is this me or do i see a person taking credit

    found it at brollma's Forum
  9. X

    esf_androids (Not Done)

    --------------------Off Topic--------------------- Well guys. Before I show off this map, just wanna say that I gotta disconnect my Internet Account. See, I aint getting any support around the house from my mother or my step brother so, I gotta go find me another job. I've only had 6 Month...
  10. DragonDude

    Need Map Ideas, Your Suggestions = Credit 4 U :D

    I think you can probably tell what I need from the name of the thread. Basically, I'm making a map for ESF of the surface of our good ol' Moon. (Yes, the Moon, the thing that was blown up once in DragonBall and once again in DragonBall Z. :D) But when I sat down to really think about the map, I...
  11. S

    Devoted Half-Life Modellers Needed!

    LaZer Half-Life wants YOU! We need a devoted Modeller/Skinner/Amimator to help make LaZer happen! LaZer is basically a Laser Tag mod for Half-Life, and not one member of it's dedicated team wants to see it die, in fact, they aren't even recognizing it as a possibility. Only 2 models are...
  12. Pommy

    Odd art

    i was board so I made some weird shapes and then added a bg and mixed it with some text and here it is. took me a little bit but here it is. <img src=http://www.oasii.com/pommy/bg/weird_art.jpg> feedback :D?
  13. Morrone

    Trans Sound Pack Coming Soon

    Ok thanks to a lil help from VenGaurd I've been getting started with making some new trans sounds for ESF. I warn you this is specifically my style that is being instrumented into this pack, so the critism I would like to recieve should not be about whether you like the sounds I've chosen but if...
  14. M

    Anyone Plz wheres

    where are man me evil buu form 2, or even super buu w/ gohan clothes, PLZ WE WOULD PROBLY ALL DIE FOR A MODEL, P.S. anynews on vassagos evil buu that was for a realsease after 1.0 ?? http://www.esforces.com/~team/Vassago/sbuu.jpg (link)
  15. Morrone

    Raise The Sky Or We All Die!

    WHen I say this I dont think I am the only one. It gets quiet difficult to play this game in fly mode with such a small ceiling. You can so easily hit the top and when you do you can no longer fire beams and it greatly impairs your vision making you a helpless target. You may think it will...
  16. StriKe!

    Ssj3 Vegeta

    Vegeta ssj3 model, also soon ssj2:) (model edit from Kreshi's ssj4) http://kanarip.zapto.org/users/www.esforces.tk/esf/models/ssj3vegetannotdamaged.zip edit: here is the main site: http://www.esfmapsenmodels.tk/ hope u like..
  17. B

    A rare pic Model

    i seen this rare pic but i didn't knwo this model i found it when i was online so i didn't make it i found it one sort of utDBZ who cares It cooL! http://www.angelfire.com/blues2/ss/ssj5.mdl And its for halflife for all those noobs like Blood_Rain
  18. D

    Candy attack makes people die to world spawn

    Buu's candy attack kills people with world spawn. By doing this buu does not get the kill for eatting people. Buu can not keep up with any of the saiyans with out using candy attack to make people in to dohnuts and then the team suffers for him not getting kills. So Buu is basically flawed...
  19. S

    PERFECT Ussj Trunks

    Hi everyone , i've made this really perfect ussj trunks model when i got stoned: Or: copy and paste : http://www.geocities.com/slinger_3213/trunks.jpg P.s remember i was stoned and it took me only 5 minutes :D great isn't it??
  20. dark-prince

    Die When PL drops to 0

    Okay, I was going to post this on the other topic, but it was closed. The PL is the number, not the bar. Your Pl starts dropping once you are near death ( below 20 health). So once that hits 0, YOU hit 0 ;D Just wanted to help get this one out of the way.