1. A

    destroyable terain

    i think this isnt posible since you use HL engine but it would be awsome to destroy some ground while falling in to it (but people would dig tunnels to see how far they go) but still some small destructions would be awsome and it would be very awsome if you develop your own engine so the game...
  2. M

    Destroyable Terrian!!

    well... i saw that in Esf 1.2 u can destroy trees houses rocks...Thats all cool :laff: at least u can destroy something.. id like to know if ESF team can make more Destroyable terrian to ESF 1.3 :shocked: and... can they make that when u destoy a tree ,house, rock what ever that they will...
  3. Denz

    Destroyable Kami map

    Anybody want 2 finish my map here's where I stoped cuz I'm 2 bored 2 make that 1.Heres how it goes: AND DONT TELL ME HOWS THE MAP LIKE.Just wana know who wants 2 finish it!?
  4. G

    My new map esf_highwayplanes

    Hey made new map plz comment it , ill just post some screens for now oh yea max r_speeds i noted were 650 or...
  5. M

    Destroyable maps?

    long time ago since i posted my last post :cry: . so i got this stupid idea. does anybody know i one exsist?
  6. Jimesu_Evil

    Destroyable city

    If I knew how to map, I would make this map myself. Here's the idea: A city made entirely of destroyable entities. It would be cool to be able to level an entire city to nothing but rubble! I don't know if it's possible, but I think it is (make the buildings out of glass or something). I...
  7. -Dark Shadow-

    destroyable walls...

    well read this first before you vote ok first like you use a beam into the rocks or something and then it actually can be destroyed and when using melee, you like kick them into the rock and makes a huge dip in it like in the real DBZ but that would take ages to make i think but i don't know if...
  8. S

    map request

    map request can someone make a map with parts that you can destroy. something like city were parts of biuldins blow up when there damaged anouth. or cars parked on the steed etc. and come some one make a forest map. a huge forest with gokus hous in the midle
  9. I

    Maps Request

    Can Whoever Has Almost Every Map Can u name Maps In Which U Can Destroy Mountains or Building or Maybe Little Planets????