1. GLOsticks R Us

    Forum Misfits New Site?!?!?!

    Yep, me and my friend been working for a site for the past days for our comic strips. Anyways feel free to visit it : FORUM MISFITS And Post your opinion and tell meh what ya think- THANKS-"GLO":shocked:
  2. D

    Drawing Contest

    just decided to have one =) im too damn tired of all these people posting stupid sigs and not much drawing
  3. Akhkaru


    Off-topic but... SS_Vegeta, where'd you get a tutorial ot make models like that? Because Pcjoe told me you make models with Milkshape 3D, and you make it Vertex By Vertex, so I was wondering where you could get me a tut. to teach me that style.
  4. P

    Pete needs a sig

    If anybody has some time i would appreciate a sig Either non ssj vegita(first fight versus goku) or hercule. with my name on there and my clan name ( Its All About Pete) IAAP, and i guess my icq number also 14065240 thanks in advance
  5. B

    New And Improved 2nd Sig

    I Changed My sig completly because i realised it wasnt that good and i wanted to do something so i made my self a new one wat do ya guys think? BrunO
  6. Guerilla

    I need help making models

    I currently map allot, but im curious on modeling, how am i going to find tutorials for milk-shape? please post links, AND i know this is a bit "illegal" but where can i get the milkshape 3d "[email protected]" i don't want to have 30 days and thats all, im to cheap to pay for it.. hehe if you...