1. D

    mix between Big O & Betterman

    Rendering Programs?? What is a FREE Rendering Program I can use? Would I have to get 3DSM...or some expensive program like that?
  2. Lethal_Vegetto

    Just a Map question, not request.

    Theres a map in ESF that is all messed up. I dunno if its supposed to look like this but its this map esf_mid, i think. Its all pink and black squares as the map floor and walls and everything. Except for some little tunnels. But the rest of the map is all pink and black little squars. Plz tell...
  3. S

    A new Puppetpal Z!

    I made a new puppetpal Z but i need a host please. and your probably sayian "Oh he stole puppetpal Z oh that idiot hes gonna be so dead" but i didnt cold steel retired and will someday reclaim his title but he gave me the responsibitlty to have puppetpal Z. So anyone gotta Host? edit: I can...
  4. L

    The old days

    LOL just found my old sigs and my very first music video (boom) lol funny to look back at it :D could u plz take a look at them all and tell me what u think? thx Legend LOL forgot the link lol Click here
  5. D

    Modelling help!

    Hey Im a n00b at modelling but I want to know how to turn a model to ms3d lets say a model called goku.mdl .. to goku.ms3d.. how do you do it ? Plz tell me!!!!!!
  6. MaX

    I Hate It When U Modelers Do This!!!!.

    WHEN U SHOW PICS OF MODELS THAT FANS OR ANYBODY WILL EVERPLAY WITH.for example. *Shask:wow a freeza form 4 better check it out: *modeler:heres my Freeza form 4 pics. BTW i wont be releasing it. :Shask:SWEET MODEL IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM...WTF SCREW U THEN. cause its so cheap when u cant get...
  7. MysticVegeta

    quake3 model to esf

    Can any wane tell me how can make quake3 models for esf????? Any wane else did with a zero model
  8. ultrassj_vegeta


    crits... o yeh i do realise there is a mistake above the wheel... edit: o yeh and another one... i didn make the bg in this one.. i just used a filter to edit dat.. hehehe
  9. GMan

    We need some more 1.1 edits

    For real, people =p Can anyone convert some models? I would like some Goku models .. or Buu maybe.. heh.. Just a thought =/
  10. V

    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
  11. G

    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    esf beta 1.1 is out now can u believe it. Its at file planet. So go download it if u want it. GO GO GO
  12. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Download All My Models Here

    I have just seen that beta1.1 for windows will be released today and decided , to give the link to all my edits HAVE FUN!!!:D Here are all my edits that are in my siq The Best Mystic gohan Pack (normal and SS) Credit to AZN Dragon :D The best GT GOKU Pack (norm/ss/ss2/ss3)...
  13. sexyasian86

    Bojacks Movie Trunks [ :O ]

    well credit goes to esf trunks [ss_vegeta] ssj 4 gogetenks for the torso and arms. and for the hair. also to me for editing the hair and the rest of it. finished the model. *edit here is the new non-ssj trunks enjoy ^_^. the NEW bojacks trunks. *edit2 here is the new ssj...
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3

    New GT Goku Final Ver.

    Well i had think about , if the pro squad woult show their GT goku Pack , the i l make a Goku Pack that is simulas to theirs..... :talk: Who can host the pic?
  15. C

    Shinomori Aoshi model is finished

    Hey folks here is aoshi,i just finished the model him a few days ago,the polycount is around 3100(with the coat) Critics are of course welcome =) <a href=""><img...
  16. W

    Is down?

    Hey guys! Is down? because everytime i try to go there it goes "Gateway error occured" Can anyone help me?
  17. Ultra33Gokussj3

    NeD s Vegetto?

    Can anyone tell me where can i find NED s Vegetto Model?
  18. sexyasian86

    New Vegetto-HAIR::

    well Credits -> Logan/Brollman for the Vegetto model and Skin. and me sexyasian86 aka psycho^saiyan. made the hair edit, cause i got sorta annoyed by how the hair was. i'm sure u all agree. also did some plastic surgery on his chin, cause it was a little too pointy and out of proportion...
  19. V

    I am getting half life in like 4 days

    yea i am getting it in 4 days so pretty soon you guys will half to worry about the legend of vunks lol
  20. E

    Request for a mod..

    Can a moderator please delete all the useless chatter, spam, "LOL"s, "these models suck", and "wow great work guys but how do I get these to work?!" from the Models and Model Edits For Beta 1 thread stickied to the top of the page? That post is completely useless to anyone actually seeking...