1. S

    im THE n00b at modeling and i need...

    ...a good tutorial that explains everything. i tried to model with the milkshape (or whatever) tut but i got stuck ing the 6th page... (told u i was a n00b). so i would really appriciate it if u would give me a good tut that explains how to do everything and not just say "change the transparansy...
  2. R

    one of you talented guys ;)

    i am sort of reading how to model, but i can tell i anit going to be to good :( , but anyway could one of you talented guys make a raditiz model?, i know you most liky wont cos not alot of people like him in the series :(, but hay! ill be really happy if one of you guys can :D cheers Rob
  3. P

    Milkshape 3D

    Allright. Im a very very newcomer for this program. All i can do so far is draw circles and so on. I dont have anything to show off. All i want to know is if any of you know a good tutorial for very very bad beginners. If ya do just post em ther. Thanx My thought of the day: Diamonds are...
  4. 3

    Ragnarok Online Last day!

    ^_^ last day for ragnarok.. or is it tommorow... ^_^ ive seen tempus on the ro pak0 forums
  5. E

    Mapping. How to. What to.

    Mapping. How to do? What to do? Okay since it seems like every other day i have to answer a set of questions I am making this Sticky. 1.) Where can I get WorldCraft\Valve-Hammer? 2.) Where can I find a tutorial on how to begin mapping...
  6. T

    Models and Model Edits For Beta 1

    *make sticky* In here i will post links to models for beta 1 to download. *no posting useless chat in here*
  7. D

    Screenshots of my map

    These are just some screen shots of a map I started for ESF the other day. Hope you like what I have so far. <a href="" target="_blank">Screen Shot 1</a> <a...
  8. Ultraq

    ma animation!!

    Hi .. i think this goes in models forum even thu it doesn't say animations, it only says models/skins but yeah anyway .. i am basically new to animating, this is my first animation EVER ... well not really first ever .. i strated it the day before yester day, but then i discovered some...
  9. G

    Happy B Day Firefly ^_^

    Happy bday @ Firefly! have a good next year and live long! btw.: sorry but my parents forbid (??) me to turn the comp for 10minutes on! hope that doesn't matter
  10. NightShade

    Noobs of the day

    Redemption and sojin Folks i went to 4 severs. 3 of them i was called a hacker and the 4th one i was kicked because i use a script?? Come on folks is it really that much to get a good game in? Anyway As far as i know there is no hacks or scripts or whatever to help in esf. It is pure...
  11. Hibiki

    Happy Turkey Day

    topic says it all dont it :P post comments on what they call "Thanksgiveing" holliday or just bable about having a happy what ever :p
  12. P

    Day One Of Beta

    I can see it now
  13. Chimpbot

    Happy Satanic Day of You're Going to Hell and Will Die Without Jesus Day!

    Yeah..I know.. This is a day late :D I'm just curious.. How was Halloween for you guys? I remember what it was like when I was a kid..always a blast. I didn't do anything "halloweenish" this year..not yet anyway. I'm just wondering if it was a blast or a bust for you guys.
  14. B

    How long does it take?

    How long does it take to make a model/skin? and what program is the easiest to use? Thx Bogie
  15. V

    bored on a Sunday afternoon

    After reading the book, "The Fall of Reach", as well as seeing the HALO2 trailer, I was inspired once again to play HALO. And while playing it, I got inspired to model :D So this morning I started work on a model of John, also called the Master Chief. Right now he's not for anything in...
  16. V

    A wee something for the BGmod

    Well, the artwork at the BGmod was suffering extensively, so they asked me to do a few skins for them. This is w.i.p progression of images for a sniper soldier I did for them the other day: I used a grey scale and soft light coloring technique for this character. I drew the face...
  17. Emeka650


    I need help making a hair model of goku can someone help me or give me a tutorial.
  18. R

    Guess who! (Current Work)

    Welp here it is, finally got another modeling program and I'm going back at it, tell me what you think peace:idea:
  19. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks, yes i made another one

    hey some of u guys who have been here longer may remember my old ussj trunks model edits from back in the day, well i made a new one, this time from scratch, this is about an hour of work u see, its not nearly done, i fixed some things after making these screen shots, just use ur imagination and...
  20. P

    A day in the life of SS

    THIS IS NOT FAKE... really...o_o