1. Tassadar

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

    Well, it's that time of the year again folks, time to sit down with your favorite alcoholic beverage, and get wasted until you can't feel your face. Tonight I have with me some Jager, Absolut, and various cases of domestic beers. Also, I give you a cool picture from 2005 St. Patty's Day...
  2. H

    What a great day..

    So I sign up to the forums and download ESF 1.2.3. (I want that one cause it works with bots) First things furst. It wont scan it. My virus checker just stops instantly on the ESF installer. Wierd? Yeah. Also I noticed that my virus checkers settings had been changed pretty much allowing...
  3. I

    Stupid un-important thread that gives us sumtin else to reply to durin the day moment

    Hmmm... have you ever had those days of waking up when you just can't... wake up? Like you find yourself dreaming about something, and while in that state of mind, you realize that you're asleep, but you can't spark that energy to wake up? Sometimes I find myself waking up into another dream...
  4. john_volkov

    happy B day TehMuffinMan

    have a nice one TehMuffinMan here you go mate
  5. Arsenovicius

    Happy Birth day john Volkov

    Yo ! Happy b-day man. And since those who played me in 1.2.3 public servers know that i love cookies.. here is my cookie for you :laff:
  6. .Guzzie.

    Today, it's the day... KAINATION!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! IM HORNY FOR JOO!! WOOO!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAINATION!!! Have a good one buddy!! Thanks for being a great member of this community.!!!! Lots of Love... -GuZzie
  7. M

    Ps3 gamers day

    Lots of videos of this event. Marvel ultimate alliance Resistance Stranglehold Full auto 2...
  8. Eon

    My first day at my new job.

    So, here's a story to make you people rofl and stuff. first day at my new job at the video store. I wake up, I eat breakfast (which is unusual for me) down a few glasses of water and take off for work. I arrive there, get shown the ropes kind of, and I'm working on tagging previously...
  9. Kurt`

    Talk Like A Pirate Day - Arrrrrrrrrrr~

    (it's the 19th in certain parts of the world, so thread = created) ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr! So what are you doing that's piratey today? Me, I updated the "MinionSig" to be a bit more piratey (you'll see people using it around the forums)...
  10. M

    LoL Another Day 1 & 2

    I'm sure most of you have heard of the mod for Half-Life 2 known as Golden Eye: Source. Well a group called "The Janus Sydicate" put together these two videos which I found really amusing: First Video (9 Minutes, 50 Seconds):
  11. frsrblch

    Mother's Day Vid

    I'll spare you all the wishing of Happy Mother's Day, but here's a little something I came accross the other day.
  12. Mccdbz5

    Got a reason why they posted this news on April Fool's Day

    Well, by what I have heard from someone, he told me the team posted this news today so you guys would take the news easier. Think about, the team probably knew you guys would react in a good way, thinking it was a joke, so you would be oblivious to what is really happening. Also, I know people...
  13. Optimus Prime

    Happy Green Day! (Not the Band)

    Err body get crunk.
  14. G

    World Jump Day

    I'm sure many of you have heard of it. I'm not allowed to advertise so I won't post a link. However, do you think it's possible? Basically, what they predict is that if 600,000 people all jump at the same time, the word will get pulled into a better orbit and all of our lives and stuff becomes...
  15. J

    ok, so heres the weirdest day of my life...

    the events of today are as follows: 8:45am, i call steve, and ask if hes on his way to pick me up. i tell him i'll go get dressed. 9:25am, steve calls, i tell him i'll be right out. i get in the car, steve says "hey, wheres your work clothes?" i tell him they are at work. 9:35am, we...
  16. Chakra-X

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    In honor for one of the greatest leaders in American History! (and a day off of course =P). Without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., other civil right leaders, and their followers, me and many other African Americans would probably still be forced to sit in the back of the bus. I also watched the...
  17. Suh Dude

    National History Day

    Whose doing the National History Day project? I'm doing it as its a requirement to pass a certain subject in class. I was wondering who was doing it and if they are, what subject are they doing it in? I'm doing it on Martin Luther King. Alot of information, but hard to find something unique that...
  18. J

    Armistice day

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. i just got back from london's Armistice service...
  19. B

    How long do you play esf a day?

    i'ld make a poll but im tirid and lazy. i play 15-45 mins a day average, sometimes more, sometimes none at all EDIT:Also if you play both 1.1 and 1.2 add in how long you play both every day
  20. PiXel

    your most expiernced day

    Example my: It happend just yesterday.... i thought i would die today but i did get more respect then i thought and more enemies then i thought. After school a old not so good buddy started to hurt one of my good friends infront of my eyes.. he hurted him cuz the guy was not supposed to...