1. Grega

    Darker than Black 2

    It started to air last week. So anyone watching it?
  2. Enix

    Darker Than Black

    Just finished this 26 episode epic anime...omg..if you haven't seen it just go watch it now. It was an anime that I would say bordered on perfection. It had everything I was looking for in an anime: high quality of animation , lots of action, good story, interesting characters, drama and humor...
  3. M

    New Spirit Bomb For 1.2 ( will fit better anyway ) made by Darker!

    a simple Image ready work by my lil bro nicked Little-Buu or Darker... mostly Darker is his fav nick hes not registered cause he cant English lol anywaytions check it out #1st online ESF-world Click here: http://esf-world.com/download.php?file_id=642 I did that right? lol the quote...
  4. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  5. Suh Dude

    Neds Veggito

    well i tryed Zerierths Tutorial and its coo crits credit ned
  6. G

    Making Perfect Cell Skin

    hi guys and sorry to the staff and board for my pass posts... well im making a perfect cell skin check it out.... its only the layout of it im going to add details later. and can a modeler make some wings for me thanx :) well whadoya think... all credits go to the esf team for making...
  7. Death The Jedi


    I'm not done with it yet, but any critz?
  8. ssj999vegeta

    ssj5 vegeta skin here

    firstly i edited this skin from D.C Darkling so all credit goes to him secondly dont post nefing bout how crap a modeler i am and how i only changed the colours a little bit i dont care cos i only wanted 2 change colours a little bit thirdly here a screen...
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    fun with a filter

    lol i used like 2 filters throughout this whole wallpaper and it still looks decent. comments and critz welcome
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Manip 2

    The blood under the eyes, I am still working on...please NOTE that lol.. This is a test version below, please note I just want to see comparison's between the two. The one below has no water texture, the top does.
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Finished work..

    This is a picture of my friend Lena. She was kind enough to lend me an image to manipulate..the focal point are the eyes, and the darkness brings your eyes to it. Enjoy, it's very simple, yet it has a meaning, maybe you can guess it?
  12. B

    Old Vegeta update

    here see pic :)
  13. KrazyKarl

    Drawing of Trunks Kneeling with Sword

    I just drew this pic right now so I just wanna see what kinda crits im going to get from it... im not possitive but i think this is the first future trunks i've drawn... oh well have fun ripping it appart
  14. X

    Black Star Dragon Balls

    Hey guys. This is just something I did out of boredom. Its not much. But I skinned the original Dragon Balls. To look like the Black Star Dragon Balls. Only diffrence is that the skin is darker. And the stars are black Heres a pic...
  15. G

    Edits to Fat Buu and Goku

    THe first one I just made Buu grin a little. I thought that would make his face look alot better. Second is the back of Goku with King Kai's emblem on the back. The third one is just regular Goku, just showing that it is Goku in the flesh! These are the original models of ESF, and i...
  16. K

    eyes to bright use darker green

    i was just looking @ vegeta, and his eyes were freaking me out! then i found out why! they are too bright green - i think. http://www.esforces.com/~team/Mastasurf/ssVegeta.jpg look @ the bottom right You probably won't notice in the game or anything but that's what i think. what do...
  17. [SAS]Orion

    n00 siggeh!

    I made a new sig for myself, what do you think? Also, got any ideas for what I can add to it?
  18. D

    SSJ Shadow is making a Model of Cooler.....We need help

    We are having some problems making this BMP file 97 kb. Photoshop cant compress BMPs.....well, at least on mine it cant. We were wondering if some of the people from the ESF Team could tell us how u made it that small. Right now its at 285 kb. Please help....
  19. I

    Gotenks skin!!!!!

    here is my gotenks skiN! check it out do not be a lasy one:P gotenks
  20. S

    majin vegeta skin

    this is my first skin its not much i toke the majin vegeta from the script and playede a littel around with it not much but its a start
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