1. hleV

    Was Gohan SSJ2 Against Dabura?

  2. T

    Has Dabura been considered?

    Even though he wasn't a major character, he was probably the most powerful character in the real, canonical storyline to be left out of ESF. Personally, I didn't even like his character, and thought he was pretty overpowered to just pop up in the story like he did, but I was just wondering...
  3. A

    Dabura in 1.3?

    I really hope the team would include Dabura in 1.3. Personally I would prefer him to charachters like Android 17 and 18 because they dont have many attacks and they're basically identical characters. I dont know how much of the Ginyu force is being made but Jace/Barta have the same problem...
  4. imkongkong

    Dabura: if added, new way of doing the moves

    I think Dabura would be a great character to add not because of his sword but because of his many different and unique moves. These are some new ways of doing the moves he has if added. The sword can probably work the same as Trunks sword.
  5. K

    Add dabura

    how about adding dabura to the game? he has plenty of attacks and his meditation could serve well as a transformation... and he is a cool [email protected] mother******.... what do you guys think?
  6. O

    Dabura CG

    felt like drawing some DBZ stuff, so I chose to do a cg of dabura. c&c welcome, I want to know what I should do to make this perfect :D EDIT: here's the updated pic EDIT #2: updated again I may do the body at some future point in time, and sorry about the bland background, but I...
  7. O

    dabura model for trunks

    it would be cool if sum 1 would make a dabura model for trunks dabura has a sword n u could replace finishingbuster whit hell blitz!!!
  8. Denz

    Can some1 PLZ try to create Dabura?

    If dont know how he looks here's a pic
  9. S

    WIP: Beelzebub from Sandland (my first poly by poly)

    here's what beelzebub looks like: he's a character in Sandland, son of the devil, its written by Akira Toriyama, here's my model so far, its my first so go easy on me: i gotta make a cape, any sugestions how?, the hands arent too good but like i sed its my first try, any crits?
  10. Imp.GuranGa

    Dabura ( esf )

    I'm making a Dabura for ESF here is a pic :laff:
  11. M


    dabura for ghp, this wat ive done so far :
  12. @


    I think it would be possible to add Dabura to the game in the future. He could have the following attacks : The attack where he throws the spear (the one he uses against Buu with not much succes :P) The flame breathing (forgot he did that but saw it somewhere else on the forum) And dont...
  13. Bangoth

    Gonna make skin need help....

    Im gonna make a skin for AzNs adult Gohan model(the BD one) i need pics of Gohan in piccolo clothes during the time he was training Goten and Videl to fly
  14. We$$ide

    need dabura skin

    can someone make a dabura skin?!?!?!?!?! or does it already excists? sorry for my bad english:S
  15. Z

    Original Models?

    Other models? Alrighty, I myself have never been much into the whole DBZ thing... I mean, I could never see myself liking, even though I've tried, a show where it's 15 minutes of one guy gawking at another guy's power, 5 minutes of fighting and 5 minutes of what usually turns out to be mindless...
  16. S


    Hey ya'll,im still kinda new to dbz so please dont hurt me I was just wondering if any of the androids were ginna be in the beta,especially 16(the big dude with orange hair and green suite),becouse he is one of my fav characters,and i would luv playing as him.Please be nice if this stuff has...
  17. M

    Dabura WIP

    Here is a dabura model, im making it to test out 3ds max. The first full model i have made in it. in this shot ull notice arms and legs are wierd lengths but i fixed that in this one.
  18. S

    who thinks dabura would be cool

    i think he would be cool to be put in esf (of course not in the beta in later releases). Since him and gohan fought we would have some ideas on his attacks. Just wanting to know what the public thanks of him.