1. Zeonix

    A Cyborg Arm That Doesn't Suck

    YouTube - Dean Kamen's Robotic "Luke" Arm The guy behind the arm is Dean Kamen, and this guy is on a roll. He invented the Segway ('s a piece of a crap but it's still something) and was recently on the Colbert Report to show off his water purifier (I forgot who made the thread...
  2. M

    Cyborg W.i.p.

    just a quick preview of what im working on.
  3. S

    Say hello to SSJ20 Cyborg Vegeta :)

    I havint been on a long time but im back :) and here is a cyborg ssj20 vegeta critz plz :laff: Oh yea credits to, ESF Modeler for Vegeta model you rock esf!
  4. NeLo

    Cyborg 009..

    Well ive watched a few episodes of Cyborg 009 and i find that they should have kept Rurouni Kenshin back on... :S Ok one part where 009 was talking 013 and they were talking about Black Ghost (which everyone knows hes evil otherwise he wouldnt be trying to destroy the city) and 009 was like well...
  5. sexyasian86

    New Frieza Model?

    wanted to know which one to make next. Gonna be in the frieza pack. Post a picture of what u want along with the request. That would be helpful to make it faster, heh. Well tell me which one, poll will be up for 1 day and i'll start. lates *edit well i finished 2 of the frieza...
  6. Froggo

    Second skin try.. Still Going Cyborg

    hehe Still trying cyborg but ive think ive gone alittle better then last time and if you look close you can actually see the skin looking like its been peeled of Credits go to: Shijing (aka. BIG BOSs) And [J] (aka. Gjohn) and me for the skin edit, nothing special Just tell me...
  7. S

    wtf?? i carnt get my head around this??

    well i dl the cyborg vegeta at redsaiyan.. and when i open the folder theres a readme title readmeigess when u read it, it says this folder contains a virus! and it has a trjen dll in it wtf is up woth that has any one else dl it?? or is it a joke because if it is a virus am screwed...
  8. T

    cyborg vegeta?

    cyborg vegeta model finshed well i was bored and i felt like practicing metal so i started to do this and well i just wanna finsh it now.. what do you think it needs post your comments and your insite. Worktime: 47 minutes P.s I was thinking about T3 while doing this lol;D
  9. A

    Cyborg Machine
  10. D

    can somebody help?

    I wanted to know where to download a freeza sitting in that chair that floating chair the very FIRST transformation, and Cyborg Freeza
  11. Mr.Bugskin

    GT Goku Skin

    Here is the skin but im not gonna put it into a model cuz i dunno and credits go to God Gundam and Me for reskin and skin edits Edit:this goes to the Goten Model to let u know
  12. Kama

    My Rendition of NeD's Vegetto

    Well I took some time to see what I could do, this is my first skin besides a few reskins, and before anyone asks keeping in NeD's favour this model is not up for download.
  13. S

    *Mwip* Vgui Pak

    I am working on a vgui pack that will replace all characters and I'll even throw in some ones of Vegito for those who have him. All I need to do is get some more cel (not Cell) pictures. If anyone has any requests please let me know.
  14. USSJ3-Vegeta


    heres something i was messing around wiht....dont know what the hell it is....but just wanted to show it for the hell of it.....:P.....dont give any crits about at cause its not something i work on reqularly.... Something Weird NOTE: COPY PASTE IF LINK DONT WORK!
  15. S

    Cyborg Vegeta

    Well cyborg vegeta never appeared in the show m but he did in mah mind, so i thought it was a good idea so here it is. Dont be too hard on me it only took me 5 min to skin lol Hope you like and if you want to download it it will be on mah site when mah downbload server comes back online.