1. Disguise

    Playlist Customization

    It'd be cool to expand the flexibility of the Playlist for ESF. Before, I'd play Winamp and disable the music so I could have more control of my own tunes. Playlists could be synced to characters and transformations. For example, Goku transforms, and you hear the sound effects of him screaming...
  2. wheres_

    Advanced Customization.

    This is probably alot to ask for, but for the sake of making this mods character roster infinatly expandable I thought up a little idea. Custom model support is awesome, don't me wrong it's a brilliant idea, but it has alot of little things not included that make it less than all it could be...
  3. Dokutayuu

    Customization Tweaks

    Now this idea will NOT affect gameplay whatsoever but is for those who use custom models. In 1.3 you will have multiple models for each Character but what about the sounds and sprites? Eg. Say I wanted Goten as a replacement for Gohan. Goten does not sound completely like Gohan so my...
  4. D


    yes indeed, a customization idea, outragious isnt it!? ok envision this, your piccolo, you just hit goku to the ground and hes out, hes not getting up anytime soon. you think to yourself "HAH perfect chance to use my scattershot on this bastard!" you reach over for your attack but alas...
  5. D

    attack # customization

    while im playing esf i noticed that alot of attacks are fast enough to use in basic melee but just to far away on the number line to actually effectively use so, im not sure if this is possible or not already or at all, why not have a seperate screen in the options menu with all the characters...
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