1. ~`Orochi`~

    Tatsunoko vs capcom cross generation of heroes

    it's about time capcom gave us somthing like this i dont know who the tatsunoko characters are but they look like power rangers so thats kinda cool Random match video
  2. KidMan

    Chrono Cross

    The sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of the greatest RPGs to hit the Nintendo besides Super Mario RPG. In it, you play as Serge, the silent protagonist, who is thrust into a parallel world where he died under mysterious circumstances over a decade ago. Hands down, the best RPG ever created...
  3. J fox

    Half Life 2 cross Monster Mash song. Something a guy made. Kinda crazy but a good laugh as well and i think its from Garrys mod not sure.
  4. Jariroth

    Cross Epoch

    Has anybody found this great piece of manga called Cross Epoch? Well if you havent and your a fan of Dragonball, One Piece or both. You should read it. Its a very confusing 19 page story about Dragonball and One piece characters working together in various situations. You can spot...
  5. |Overlord|

    ohnoes anime cross over this pics were made by my mate , a crossover ^^ go take a look forurself , how odd but funnie r they
  6. C

    Cross Hair Sprite.

    Is there anyway to change the cross hair sprite for esf? I been playing with bots (ESFbots 3.1) in 1st person mode, and the crosshair sprite obstructs my view more than it helps me aim. Is the anyway to change/replace it? Also, is there anyway to stop it from moving at all in 1st person...
  7. Jimesu_Evil

    King Vegeta: Jimesu_Evil edition

    I just copped a warning for advertising on the other King Vegeta thread, so here's mine. What do you think? Credits to: DC Darkling for the saiyan saga Vegeta model and SS_Vegeta for the cape (buu's cape) Download HERE!
  8. Death The Jedi


  9. M

    Can anyone make me ?

    Can anyone make me wolfwoods cross of trigun, compile in a v and p world view ? thx its for a mod, your name will have the credits
  10. R

    small maps are boring

    when i downloaded ESF there was just few small maps in it. Can somebody tell me where i can download some bigger and not so boring maps? o_o
  11. Demi-Shadow

    My first wallpaper

    Go here to view it. Bear in mind, this is the first image i've made at this size so it probably sucks in most peoples eyes.. but i'd like your opinions on it please.
  12. S

    if only i had a scanner....

    then u could really c this drawing at its best.... ill try to scan it with the help of a friend with a scanner....but for now... btw, im not posting the real pic cause i want ur comments first. then ill post it. promise, just be honest
  13. C

    First desktop...

    was mucking around after watching bloodlust and did this. I know its kinda basic but i almost got the look i was going for...was suppposed to have a cross shaded into the right side above his head but i kinda deleted the layer by accident :cry...
  14. Naz

    Outoftheblue [wallpaper]

    wallpaper for a contest, hope anyone likes it suggestions addition crics are welcome grtz Naz