1. Warrior_Elite45

    How Do You "Begin" Mapping

    Ok, I open worldcraft and then I'm lost. Haha I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me? All this stuff about configurating it comes up, and I have absolutely no idea what to do. So if anyone could help me on how to get started it would be great. Thanks.
  2. G


    To all animators out there: If you're not in the esf staff and want to join a mod which is also created by using the hl-engine and if you knwo how to animate hl-dbz-models PLEAZZE POST HERE. Our mod has reached the intern alpha status and all what we need is an animated model. i am the lead...
  3. S

    Mapping problem

    I believe this has something to do with the hull file (considering thats what the error says). Anyways, let me explain the problem. Basically when I compile my map, I get a hull error, and when you join the map, its like everywhere is water. When I look up, the entire sky is one big leak, but...
  4. S

    Where is the guy that said???

    that he created a aura for the hair ( yellow and blue lightning) So what about it did he created allready or not
  5. P

    Models Gohan, Trunks

    Any one got models of Gohan or chibi Trunks? Hey does any one know where i can download a teen Gohan and a chibi Trunks? both with super saiyan skins?
  6. AscensionX

    I have created a SSj (2) lightning aura

    Okay, i have opened and used the original aura file, and then created some new faces with lightning skinned onto them. I have then animated them to move around the model each frame. I need help 1) compiling the model 2) possible coding problems. (ie, each char determines whether or not it uses...
  7. X

    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    When I hit Go! on the Expert Run menu It goes into ESF and gets to Building Server then it says it is loading the SKY textures and it freezes there, but it also say that it cannont find the commandmenu.txt. If anyone knows what I did wrong plz respond :D or PM me if it is easier.
  8. S

    for the ppl who created esf

    you guys rock:yes: :yes: :yes: good game great graph :yes: somethimes a bit laggy but who cares!!!
  9. Pommy

    My photoshop 7 tutorial

    I had this tutorial posted but then I was told to move it to The art tutorials page but I also wanted feedback on it. So here it is ok? It also is in there :X I have created a photoshop 7 tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  10. B

    Vegeta Gt Model

    U know that one guy that looks like vegeta and short hair well i use vegetas body and created new hair Heres the link And don't give credits to me Give it to that one dude S-bolt or The guy who made Vegeta
  11. E

    SSJ Bebi Vegeta

    I've seen the cool model of bebi Vegeta so I thought what would happen if he transforms into a SSJ so I've created this guy: <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"> <a href="">SSJ...
  12. D

    i need a little help

    okay i use milkshape and i decompiled the gohan mdl an imported the gohan.cmd and edited and saved but then in game i see no changes so plz help
  13. TwisteR

    Model Request

    i was wondering could somebody make a piccolo with an animated cape? i just want to know if anybody will at least try it.
  14. MrMasj

    High Walk

    I have created a new map for the Beta. But i have got a wierd problem the models a flying a bit over the ground when they are walking fighting and so on. Have any one of you seen this error before ???
  15. SA_Gohan

    Animation Exporting

    Okay, I've started getting into animating recently and have made a few poses, mostly idle and power up anims in gmax, and I want to export them to the md3 format through tempest. I do that, but when I import the file into milkshape so I can export it to the file format I need (.smd), none of the...
  16. dudeman

    the fgd

    finally!!! they gave out the fgd.. i'll try to make some maps for the beta when it comes out... also the manual is very nice.. now lets see how the fgd is..o_o
  17. Ryoko

    New sig I created

    Can I have some juicy comments please.
  18. H

    i need help

    ok im used to modeling the MS3d way... adding the verticies... and connecting them to create the faces and walla the model. when my demo of it ran out i dld GMAX... is there NEWAY i can do what i did in MS3d in GMAX cuz i dont feel like learning another proggie and i dont really wanna spend 20...
  19. Ryoko

    A new sig created by me!

    What do you think?
  20. Loki

    Who created the timer thing

    Because that little thing bugs the crap outta me and i need to get the creator of that rule!! And btw if anyone plays JK2 on the zone gimme ur name i will find u and i am SD_Shaddow (I can find one person who is good and make them a padawan in my clan!:D ) of course im ur master!!