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    mech concepts

    well i can't get any crits in mechmod...but this is a samurai mech concept i am working is only one siode of the character...(because i suck at symmetry and im also drawig the otherside as the back of the mech i need help on the head because it looks too can you help me?
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    desert sun concepts, yada yada

    yeah might get round to doing it sumday but untill then im gonna be doin the concepts, here's sum characters.... im trying to develop my style too at the same time though, its hard :( latest of timmy, wondering about his combat weapons this is ricky, eh, he's a lil mean in this 1 i...
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    List of ESF Attack concepts

    Hey, I got rather bored at work today and started writing down concepts for esf, perhapts if they are liked one or more could be added to esf dono we will see. Excuse my spelling please Broken Limbs After seeing 1.2 in action I got thinking, they could incorperate broken limbs. How I see...
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    ESF: The Concepts within

    I just played around with ESF 1.1 some more and Vegeta is my favourite character in 1.0 and I always used him. In 1.1 I changed through the characters to have a look at the changes made to them and addtional attacks. I started tinkering with Goku and before I knew it I am almost always...
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