1. SS4 Gogeta

    Interesting comparison

    An interesting comparison I made (most likley others have made) while I was looking at a picture of a region on Mars called Cydonia, this is the area which contains the "Face". This picture reminded me of an aerial shot of Giza, Egypt I once saw...
  2. X

    Need some comparison details... If anyone knows

    I really envy my friend =/ hese got a 6800 GT OC with over 1gb of ram, hese recently baught himself a Sound Blaster Audigy as well, when I was playing HL2 single player with his new speakers and his new sound card blasted... Man HL2 pwnz with Surround Sound... Anyway... My current system...
  3. C

    ESF comparison thread

    The last discussion thread was closed, but it seems like there is room for some more which is why I want to continue where we left off. Instead of simply saying 'version x.x is the best' give us your opinion on the current game and what you'd like to see changed and give arguements. Don't get...
  4. Saiga

    Comparison, help me decide.

    Hey guys, I took a look at my current sig and thought maybe it needed re-vamping. Current; Version 2.0; So, do you guys like the new one, or should I keep my current sig?
  5. M

    Height Comparison

    OK People I just need opinions on the correct height of gogeta(I joined just to ask that). I have two versions. Please make helpful comments on the length of the pants in relation to the upper body. Thanks
  6. B

    Gohan Ssj2 Help

    I have make an new modle (no only the head is from bfp!!!!) and i had problems with compile it with the bones ! Need help!!!
  7. M

    Gohan and Picollo

    skinned by me :) my friend yorkes gohan.
  8. Whitecrab

    Comparison of Kamehameha, Gallit Gun, and Masanko

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could compare the Kamehameha, Gallit Gun, and Masanko to each other. The ESF manual says they're the same, but are they exactly the same? RyuKaiser doesn't seem to think so in his Gohan FAQ, for example. It's easy to see how Burning Attack and Final Flash are...
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